Take the Pain Out of Payroll


Imagine having a personal assistant at your beck and call to do all the little time-sucking things everyone dreads – pick up dry-cleaning, run to the store, sort through junk mail, field calls, pay bills. The rich, famous and high-rollin’ know exactly what that’s like, and never have to deal with the agony of a long line or all the boring, mundane tasks that are simply part of everyday life for most of us.

Of course, the personal assistants get the worst deal of all: They have to run all their own errands and someone else’s – and there is no shortage of cultural references on how rough PAs can have it. 

One of the latest is HBO’s “Veep,” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as VP, which portrays the long-suffering Gary Walsh (Tony Hale) as JLD’s personal aide and “bag man” (literally – he is never without a massive satchel containing all the Veep’s personal affects). The VP berates Gary to no end and seemingly despises him, yet she cannot live without him – he makes her tea, whispers people’s names in her ear during meetings, knows her favorite lipstick and carries it on him at all times, and never takes a day off. 

While most of us are not quite as demanding as that – and people who are not a VP or celebrity probably don’t really need a 24/7 personal assistant – we all have at least one ongoing task we would love to hand off to someone else. 

For many fleet owners, operators and admins, that task is payroll. Payroll and invoicing can be quite the pain. Not only do you need to ensure you send out accurate, timely invoices to customers, but you need to keep track of multiple employees’ time and overtime and make sure they get paid on time. 

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Keeping the books means an endless shuffle of paper coming and going and way too many spreadsheets to update, and it can make one’s head spin. Paging Gary Walsh – do this unpleasant task for me, now and until the world ends.

Fortunately, there are ways you can streamline all this administrative work. Using one single payroll system to manage clients and employees, run reports and update accounting programs leaves the paper shuffle behind and frees up time for more productive work.

Being able to manage clients within a digital system means that after a job has been completed, a few clicks turn a job order into an invoice and a few more clicks take and process the payment – done and dusted. The system can also keep track fieldworkers’ timesheets, so they, too, can get paid quickly and accurately.

Best of all, a digital payroll system that can integrate with the accounting software a company uses means that information has to be entered just once before it’s populated in accounting programs – no more clicking through multiple spreadsheets and praying you don’t make a mistake when entering information across multiple platforms.

While a field service management software can’t pick up your kids from school or stand in line at the DMV for you, it can make life easier in other ways – freeing you up for all those other fun tasks, and maybe even giving you time to squeeze in actual fun stuff.

In between commercials, check out how our field service management solution can take the pain out of payroll…and many other business-related to-do’s!

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