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Improving fleet management with telematics reports

By Verizon Connect January 28, 2022

Telematics technology helps fleet managers monitor operations to streamline productivity and utilize resources more efficiently. One of the most impactful ways it does this is by providing detailed reporting capabilities that help operators and managers turn the near real-time data generated by the system into actionable insights around driver safety, vehicle use, costs and more.

 Derive insights to improve operations

Fleet telematics captures data related to how vehicles and drivers are operating, providing a clearer overall fleet picture that can potentially improve the company’s bottom line. Reports and updates can be received and viewed through an online dashboard using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This means fleet data is directly accessible to those who need to review it, and can easily be configured into an array of reports. 

Some of the information managers can view in these reports that can help increase fleet visibility, reduce costs and promote safety include:

  • Vehicle tracking. Telematics vehicle tracking data helps uncover patterns that can improve dispatching processes, potentially resulting in faster arrival times and reduced driver overtime hours. Telematics data can also highlight where routing inefficiencies occur, giving fleet managers the opportunity to reduce mileage, travel time, fuel use and vehicle wear and tear by creating more direct routes. Fleet managers can also determine miles traveled or hours of use per year for each vehicle in order to develop a utilization baseline and see which cars and trucks are used too often and which may not be used enough.
  • Fuel costs. Fuel is arguably one of the largest fleet expenses. Telematics allows fleet managers to track fuel usage through detailed reports that provide an in-depth look at where and how fuel is being used, including inefficient driving patterns, wasteful idling, unauthorized fuel use and theft.
  • Vehicle maintenance. Advanced engine diagnostics help fleet managers keep tabs on vehicle health and performance through alerts, vehicle inspection reports, and charts that indicate potential risks. This information helps to prevent emergencies, reduce maintenance expenses, and prolong the life of each vehicle. Data sent to managers for review can include:
    • Battery voltage
    • Coolant temperature
    • Powertrain malfunctions
    • Intake valve issues and oxygen sensor problems
    • Engine status, hours and service record tracking
  • Job history. Telematics can highlight where vehicles have been, when they arrived and how long they stayed, and can help compare that information against fleet productivity goals and benchmarks. In addition, a geofence feature can set boundaries that limit the operational area of every vehicle and then track the amount of time each vehicle spends in a designated area.
  • Driver safety. Telematics allows fleet managers and operators to monitor vehicle speeds and locations, compare against posted speed limits, track speeding incidents by driver and vehicle, and identify when and where harsh driving events like hard braking or hard acceleration occur. Reports can be run by specific driver, vehicle or other criteria.

Telematics reporting allows fleet managers and operators to see important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet, while customizable dashboards reflecting near real-time analytics make it easy to review progress towards KPIs or budgets.

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