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The importance of trailer GPS trackers for your fleet

By Verizon Connect November 29, 2023

Managing large fleets of vehicles is a complex series of processes that involve tracking maintenance schedules, mileage, fuel usage, compliance and more. While this can be highly demanding work, well-executed fleet management strategies can benefit companies, drivers and customers alike.  

GPS asset tracking is widely recognized as a beneficial tool for managing fleets of commercial vehicles. By expanding your company’s GPS tracking system to include your vehicle trailers, you can protect your assets, reduce risk and streamline your operations more effectively. 

What is a trailer GPS tracker? 

GPS trailer trackers are devices that are fitted onto the trailers of semi-trucks. These devices collect important near real-time information about the status and location of semi-trailers in commercial fleets.  

They also allow fleet operators to monitor specific activities and events, including the opening and closing of trailer doors and the coupling and uncoupling of trailers from their vehicles.

The data gathered by GPS trailer trackers is transferred to a centralized collection point via a communication or satellite network. Fleet operators can harness this information to use their trailers more efficiently, increasing productivity. 

Key advantages of GPS trailer tracking  

The benefits of asset tracking for businesses are numerous, and trailers are a highly important asset for many transportation companies. Along with helping fleet operators boost efficiency and reduce idle time, near real-time trailer tracking can help protect your company’s assets from loss and increase the lifespan of your equipment.  

Theft deterrence and recovery  

The risk of theft is a constant concern for companies that transport cargo. Using GPS trackers along with other security devices like fleet dashcams can be essential in deterring theft, or at the very least, making it significantly easier to find and recover trailers that go missing.  

Additionally, many modern trailer-tracking solutions come with geofencing features that enable you to set virtual geographic boundaries for the authorized use of your vehicles, trailers and other assets.  

These systems will notify you immediately if an asset exits the designated area of operation without prior authorization, allowing you to act quickly in the event of theft and improve the chance of recovering your assets. 

Enhanced operational efficiency  

Maintaining efficiency can be difficult when you’re managing large fleets of vehicles and trailers, especially if these vehicles must transport goods to multiple locations.  

The near real-time location data provided by trailer trackers, when coupled with GPS truck navigation software, can allow you and your drivers to devise more efficient delivery routes and stay ahead of variables like traffic and road closures.  

In addition to creating happier drivers and more satisfied customers, this enhanced approach to logistics management can help you save money and boost profitability by reducing your fuel usage and enabling you to make more deliveries in less time. 

Improved asset utilization  

Measuring asset utilization can help you determine if you’re getting the most value out of your vehicles, trailers and other equipment. It can also help ensure that you have the right amount of assets on hand for your company’s needs.   

Underutilizing your assets can cost you money unnecessarily and limit your ability to serve customers. GPS trackers can allow you to expand the use of each trailer in your fleet by making it easier to identify and reassign underutilized assets so that they’re always contributing to the efficiency of your fleet.

Maintenance monitoring  

Fleet maintenance is critical for companies that utilize vehicles. Proactive maintenance can extend the lifespan of your assets and reduce your operating costs by preventing minor issues from becoming more serious. 

Creating a maintenance schedule can be helpful, but problems with equipment can sometimes arise unexpectedly and not all types of assets have the same maintenance considerations. Because of variables like these, it can be difficult to manage the maintenance needs of all of your vehicles at the same time. 

Asset tracking reporting and alerting systems can make it easier to coordinate repairs and reassign other assets to compensate for the temporary loss. Additionally, the data collected by GPS trailer trackers — such as the distance covered and geographic areas traversed by vehicles and trailers — can help you identify assets that are at greater risk for maintenance issues. 

Considerations when choosing a GPS tracker for your fleet

Choosing the right type of GPS tracker is a critical aspect of developing an effective fleet management system. There are a variety of different devices on the market that are designed to meet the needs of different organizations, such as trackers with added security features like geofencing alerts.

When deciding on a GPS trailer tracker, it’s important to consider how the device will serve the unique needs of your fleet. Looking at features such as battery life, durability, impact detection and maintenance reporting can help you see how beneficial a particular device will be. 

A carefully chosen asset tracking solution, such as Reveal, will help you to boost the value of the data collected to promote the long term life and security of your assets.

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