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A new evolution of customer centric digital support features

By Verizon Connect December 27, 2023

Fleet tracking products and services are only as good as the customer support backing them up when issues arise. And, most fleet professionals see customer support quality as a key purchasing factor. From streamlined implementation to getting the most from a solution in the long-term, great customer service from a provider is critical—including access to effective self-service digital support. 

To meet that need, Verizon Connect continually expands and enhances customer centric digital support features to put more new features and easily accessible online support tools at the fingertips of fleet managers looking to prioritize the efficiency of their operations. 

As part of its ongoing commitment to creating customer centric tools to troubleshoot devices, Verizon Connect digital support kicked off 2023 with the launch of Device Health Check: Ping rate while moving, Live Chat in the Customer Portal, and enabling self-service for Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) configurations. Here are several ways the digital support program continues to evolve and add new Verizon Connect features customers can access directly to troubleshoot devices.

Customer centric status pages

To provide customers with instant, high-quality support access, Verizon Connect has created a new customer centric status page. It’s the digital support home for real time data on the current status of Reveal and Fleet platform and platform components such as Spotlight and Live Map. From this page, fleet managers can easily keep tabs on the status of the Reveal systems.

Device Health Check updates

A common concern for fleet technology users has been the loss of data when rebooting systems. That will not be a concern for Xirgo and VDD customers thanks to the new device restart option Verizon Connect has added to the Device Health Check panel. 

The Device Health Check – Restart option enables both vehicle troubleshooting and restarting of select devices without a loss of data. By using this option, customers may be able to eliminate creating a Support case, saving time while resolving problems in a frictionless manner. Here’s how it works:

  • The restart will momentarily terminate all device operations, enabling the device to fully reboot without the loss of any customer data.
  • If the restart is unsuccessful in resolving the issue, the dashboard provides customers with immediate access to troubleshooting guides as well as the option to connect with an agent via Live Chat.

Customer self-service portal

As fleet managers continue to make operations progress in tandem with fleet management technology, it’s critical to have support when questions arise. That’s why we’ve created a self-service portal for easy and direct support access. Options available to customers via the digital support self-service portal and within apps continue to evolve and expand, including:

  • Improving Live Chat to help customers quickly and efficiently get the information they need to manage their Reveal account. The Live Chat tool has been shown to help resolve several customer queries – and it is consistently enhanced to help immediately resolve more questions and issues in real-time. In any instance where Live Chat is unable to resolve an issue, the customer can engage with an agent via the tool and a Support case will be created.
  • Updating Support case functionality to provide updates on status changes as well as enable customers to request case closures, such as duplicates or requests that are no longer needed. The updated functionality additionally allows customers the option to add comments to attached support case files and automatically update support cases when customers add comments. 
  • Empowering Verizon Connect Fleet customers to self-manage EAT and EAT-B devices with the following options now available: install type (two or three wire), and daily check-in ranging from every six to 24 hours. 
  • Enabling customers to reassign their cameras to new vehicle tracking units (VTU) without calling support. This recent update to the Spotlight and Reveal Hardware Installer (RHI) apps makes camera swaps easy.
  • Adding Reveal Tracker Settings options to update “Ignition Source” and “Driver ID Buzzer” for the latest model of Xirgo devices (FGUS3), all with a quick click from the user.

Verizon Connect’s digital support destination

These new, expanded and updated features reflect the commitment of Verizon Connect’s Digital Support team to provide customer centric options focused on:

  • Empowering customers with a wide array of My Account self-service portal options in billing, payments and ordering devices.
  • Expanding and enhancing technologies and digital support channels to be more efficient for customers.
  • Creating self-service portal tools customers can easily use to troubleshoot their devices quickly and without having to open Support cases.

New and enhanced Verizon Connect features in Digital Support will continue to roll out in 2024 and beyond. 

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