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Asset Tracking for Government Fleet Vehicles

By Verizon Connect October 18, 2022

Many government fleet managers are leveraging software to manage in-house maintenance, track vehicles and analyze expenses. Government fleets can use fleet tracking technology to monitor fuel usage, improve routing, control labor costs, and help support public and driver safety. But on top of that, they’re using a key component of telematics: asset tracking features -- to monitor their critical assets and resources.

Regardless of the size of your fleet, three major factors matter: keeping your drivers safe on and off the road, the ability to quickly locate high-value assets, and maintaining security of those assets.

Strengthen your operations 

Like vehicle tracking, asset tracking can help you streamline managing and monitoring your powered and non-powered equipment with near real-time usage data. You can easily locate your physical assets, like trailers, bobcats, generators, lawn equipment, etc., on a live map alongside your vehicles and receive metrics into how often they’re used and by whom. 

Asset tracking software offers new ways to enhance workflows, improve utilization, track maintenance, and extend the life of your assets. By monitoring asset locations from your desktop or mobile device you can stay in control of your valuable resources. And through a geofencing alert system, you’ll be able to set up virtual perimeters around your assets, so if they move, you’ll know it.

Losing an essential asset can have devastating financial consequences. Asset tracking can help you monitor unauthorized usage and ensure you're not footing the bill in the case of theft or unforeseen damages. It can also empower public safety fleets to keep track of their assets during emergencies like hurricanes, fires and flooding.  

Manage preventative maintenance 

Asset tracking allows your organization to manage work orders, plan preventive maintenance tasks, and increase asset and equipment lifespans. Automating maintenance allows you to be proactive when planning out your workloads, like seeing when an asset will be out of commission for a period of time. 

By seeing an inventory of what is available to your employees, you can plan better – making your life easier and theirs. 

Manage your assets better

Old and traditional methods for asset tracking can be wasteful on time and money and that can really hurt when you’re trying to stick to a budget.  

For instance, if a fleet manager is using a spreadsheet to track devices, equipment, and assets, and is not sharing it with anyone else, it can become difficult to manage. By using asset tracking software, you can see your assets on a live map giving you the information you need to keep track of your devices automatically. The live map feature allows you to:

  • Zoom in on the asset location 
  • See the asset in Google Street view  
  • Create a geofence around the asset 
  • Edit the details about the asset
  • Get directions to and from the asset location

Our cloud-based asset management system provides near real-time information on each asset without compromising on accuracy. 

Improve asset utilization

Asset tracking software can help:

  • Identify assets that can be sold or repurposed elsewhere
  • Detect underperforming assets
  • Track asset usage by project to improve cost analysis

See where assets are being used, reallocate unproductive equipment and monitor engine hours. Our solutions can help you avoid unnecessary equipment rentals and bid on jobs effectively.

Report the metrics that matter 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. By having an integrated telematics system in place, you can leverage automatically collected information and use that information to make smart decisions for your organization and your constituents. 

The City of Annapolis added asset trackers to their boats, backhoes and bobcats to see their location and respond to community requests in a timely manner. See how they did it

An asset tracking solution allows you to monitor equipment, improve asset utilization, manage job costs, improve asset allocation, and reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized usage while serving your community.

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