Public safety

GPS tracking for law enforcement and emergency services

GPS for emergency vehicles

With GPS fleet tracking, you can help increase first responder accountability, help manage your reputation with the public, help reduce response times and plan vehicle downtime.

Provide proof of patrol

Location tracking

Provide proof of patrol

Use law enforcement software to view near real-time GPS locations on a live map and run reporting on historical data for vehicle location, date and time.

Manage public perception


Manage public perception

Get near real-time GPS tracking to access emergency response vehicle analytics and view driver-facing and road-facing dashcam video footage.

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Help reduce fuel costs

Cost reduction

Help reduce fuel costs

Run fuel monitoring reports and view idling data to help cut down on unnecessary fuel expenses.

Utilize driver safety tools


Utilize driver safety tools

Receive alerts for driver behaviors that meet certain parameters, including speeding or hard braking. View dashcam footage when a harsh driving event or distracted driving behavior occurs.

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Monitor vehicle and equipment use


Monitor vehicle and equipment use

Manage vehicle maintenance and receive DTC alerts when something goes wrong. Track engine hours for vehicle leases and warranties. Help improve asset tracking and utilization.

Case study

See how the City of San Jose integrated their police car parking program with Verizon Connect.

We have that additional data that we can bring into our datasets already, report on it and get useful information to make key decisions.

Dan Sunseri
Fleet Manager
3 ways telematics help police fleets

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3 ways telematics help police fleets

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Frequently asked questions

Can you track lightbar usage?

Yes, we can track and set up alerts for parameters around when the lightbar is on or off and what speed the vehicle was going at the time.

How do you support a mixed fleet?

Our fleet management system can track vehicles of all kinds, including light- and heavy-duty vehicles, police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, electric vehicles, and OEMs.

Does your system help our fleet coordinate with other emergency response teams?

Our fleet management system can provide fleet data to other public fleets to help improve visibility and coordinate a response.

Can you track equipment and assets?

Yes, we can track powered and nonpowered assets, such as generators, road signs and lighting, boats and others.

What integrations do you offer?

We can support a number of integrations, including ESRI, fuel card providers and asset management systems.

Are you an approved vendor for government contract programs?

Yes, we are an approved vendor for Sourcewell and NASPO.

Does your system work for other departments in the government sector?

Our GPS tracking solutions are widely used for public works, K-12, higher education, and nonprofit utility fleets, to name a few. If your village, municipality or community fleet needs a solution for all their vehicles, we can help.