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The Power of AI-Backed Integrated Video

By Verizon Connect January 6, 2023

While once just a novelty used by only a small group of carriers, video telematics has grown into a key technology segment within the trucking industry. Modern integrated video solutions enable fleet managers to enhance vehicle and driver safety and help increase cost savings across the enterprise, particularly when integrated with existing telematics systems. But not all solutions offer the same benefits or leverage next-gen technology like artificial intelligence (AI). For example, Verizon Connect provides fleet managers a distinct integrated video advantage allowing them to take proactive measures to enhance fleet safety, rather than reacting to accidents after they occur.

Top benefits of Verizon Connect Integrated Video

The Verizon Connect Integrated Video solution with front-facing and driver-facing cameras seamlessly connects to the Verizon Connect platform to provide fleets, managers and drivers with a host of benefits. Overall, organizations can:

  • Automatically warn drivers of dangerous behaviors to help reduce accidents
  • Identify distracted driving and other risky behaviors
  • Improve driver behavior with video-based coaching
  • Review harsh driving footage and set up notifications
  • Gain insight into fleet operations
  • Protect drivers and the company against false claims and mitigate liability
  • Support insurance premium and discount negotiations

Learn more about how Verizon Connect Integrated Video can help your fleets overcome operational and safety challenges. 

Specifically, fleets can utilize:

Advanced AI camera technology: Advanced AI camera technology and edge computing enable continuous live scene analysis and object detection to help alert drivers of risk in real time. Our dashcam's AI scans video footage from the road-facing and driver-facing cameras. It can detect tailgating, a pedestrian or cyclist in the vehicle’s path, and when a driver loses focus on the road by using a phone, falling asleep or smoking. When the camera AI detects risky behavior, an in-cab audio alert will immediately tell the driver what they did, and video footage of the event is uploaded to the platform.

AI filtering and machine learning: Our AI-based video analytics filters out inconsequential events and classifies events, with the option to customize alerts when an incident occurs involving a vehicle or driver. For additional system optimization, our underlying machine learning allows the system to continually refine classifications, while our team periodically carries out analysis to validate the recall accuracy. Our team continuously validates accuracy and fine tunes classifications by analyzing videos that are requested by users. 

Time saving analytics: Solutions from Verizon Connect save fleet managers valuable time by applying AI algorithms to analyze every video, classifying them by type of event/severity level (e.g., harsh driving event, tailgating, distracted driving, etc.). This can help fleet managers save time from having to sort through hours of video and resulting in little for them to review or take action on unless notified by the system.

Dual footage view: Fleet managers can benefit from the ability to view driver footage alongside road-facing footage via desktop or mobile app in an effort to mitigate false claims and boost driver safety.

Video as proof: For heavy-duty vehicles and fleets, false accusations and the resulting costly litigation are a significant problem. Solutions from Verizon Connect provide near-real time access to footage from any point in time in a vehicle’s journey, and the video is available on the mobile app or on the web within a few minutes. Users get a dual view of driver-facing and road-facing video in order to simultaneously compare both perspectives for any 40-second time interval to determine any liability due to distracted driving (or tailgating, fatigue, etc.). This can help protect drivers, trucks and companies against false claims by enabling fleet managers to access video snippets from the date and time of the alleged event to instantly disprove liability and exonerate drivers in the face of a false claim.

Advanced coaching: Our solution enables fleet managers to track and identify driving styles and trends, and identify unwanted driving behaviors like harsh cornering, hard braking and speeding as well as distracted driving behaviors. This information can then be used to create a driver coaching curriculum—for all drivers or for specific individuals—based on positive reinforcement.

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