Reduce Your Fleet Maintenance Costs


Vehicle repair and upkeep can have a huge effect on a fleet's bottom line. By providing extensive engine diagnostics, GPS tracking solutions allow managers to cultivate a proactive, preventive maintenance program that allows them to reduce costs associated with downtime and vehicle wear and tear.

Cost-Saving Features that Streamline Maintenance

Modern advances have drastically improved vehicle quality and performance; however, even the best vehicles demand regular preventative maintenance. With GPS vehicle tracking and engine diagnostic systems, you can easily keep your fleet in top condition, thanks to valuable features that:

  • Provide automatic alerts the moment one of your vehicles suffers an engine problem or transmission malfunction.
  • Offer instant access to the complete repair and maintenance history of each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Allow you to set proactive reminders for tune-ups, oil changes and other preventive maintenance activities.
  • Deliver automatic engine diagnostic alerts to help you minimize costly roadside repairs.
  • Let you track exact vehicle speed, location and engine performance to improve negative driving habits that promote vehicle wear and tear.
  • Help you maintain accurate records to better predict maintenance costs, keep maintenance schedules up to date and make smart, informed decisions about when to replace aging, inefficient vehicles.


Reduced Mileage for Reduced Costs

In addition to providing valuable information that promotes seamless maintenance capabilities; fleet tracking allows you to cut down on vehicle wear and tear, thanks to optimized routing and better driver oversight. By optimizing your routing, you can reduce mileage, which can prolong the life of tires, belts and other key vehicle components. At the same time, you'll be able to identify hard stops, starts, speeding and other poor driving habits which could be sending your vehicles to the shop.

It's difficult for your drivers to be productive when their vehicles aren't performing optimally - or at all. With Networkfleet's industry-leading wireless fleet management system, you can easily streamline maintenance processes in a variety of ways to keep your vehicles on the road where they belong.

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