Food and beverage distribution

Fleet software to support your business

Run a more efficient food and beverage fleet

Help reduce fuel use and response times for your food distribution business with optimized routing, near real-time visibility and advanced analytics.

Make more deliveries every day


Make more deliveries every day

Our SaaS-based solutions can help food and beverage distributors get more stops in each day. Commercial navigation helps drivers get around barriers quickly and on to the next delivery.

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Promote safer driving with dashcams

Advanced GPS tracking and integrated dashcams help you assess driver behavior. When tracking software detects a harsh driving incident, view the dashcams footage to evaluate the situation and coach drivers on safer driving practices.

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Help reduce fuel costs

Fuel efficiency

Help reduce fuel costs

Verizon Connect fleet management doesn’t just make beer distributor delivery more efficient—it helps reduce driver behaviors that waste fuel. Monitor idling time, keep track of hard acceleration and ensure trucks aren’t speeding.

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Provide proof of service

Proof of service

Provide proof of service

When your routes include multiple stops, historical tracking and geofencing help prove your deliveries were on time. Our fleet tracking system can also collect, send and store customer signatures electronically.

Track reefer trailers on the road

Asset tracking

Track reefer trailers on the road

Use our advanced software to monitor cold storage temperatures for perishable food products, like fresh produce, dairy and meat.

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Keep delivery trucks in top running condition


Keep delivery trucks in top running condition

Reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime with improved maintenance tracking. Monitor engine hours for each truck and receive near real-time alerts and reports that analyze each vehicle’s health.

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Simplify vehicle inspections


Simplify vehicle inspections

Give your mechanics more accurate driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) with one click.

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Field Service Management Software: A Buyer's Guide

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Field Service Management Software: A Buyer's Guide

Learn how to shop for a telematics solution and get better visibility and insights into improving your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What is fleet management software?

Our software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides the tools you need to manage your vehicles, drivers and jobs, including smart service scheduling, vehicle tracking, navigation, driver safety alerts and fleet security. With mobile apps and an intuitive user interface, you can monitor your fleet when you are at the office, at home or in the field with easy-to-use ERP software.

Our ERP system also provides your technicians with an easy way to track their jobs, find the best route and communicate with the office. Food industry and beverage distributors can gain better visibility into your crew’s day-to-day and monitor your vehicles after hours.

What are the benefits of fleet management software?

The Verizon Connect platform provides one ERP solution for food and beverage distributors to help with supply chain management. GPS vehicle tracking is just the beginning. We make food traceability easy.

Our software solutions provide reports, dashboards and data that can help you make cost-saving business decisions. Get better traceability of all your vehicles with a live map, reduce vehicle downtime with preventative maintenance notifications and receive alerts for unsafe or fuel-wasting driver behaviors. Geofences show when your technician arrived, how long they stayed and when they left, which can help you find inefficiencies and increase revenue on future jobs.

Does Verizon Connect fleet management software work with third-party software?

Verizon Connect understands how difficult it can be to transition to a new system, so we’ve made it easy to integrate with third-party software that you use for warehouse management, inventory control or order processing. Check out our partner marketplace to see some of our software integrations. We’re also willing to set up new API connections to fit the needs of food and beverage distributors.

How does fleet management software help with customer and business management?

Most customers in today’s digital environment expect fast and personalized service. When you can provide text and email reminders and confirmations, it helps build a positive reputation for your company, whether you’re a small piece of the supply chain or the main hub. Our business intelligence system also allows you to better estimate ETAs, so you can offer accurate time windows.

Many businesses use our software to handle emergency jobs that require a quick response. The live map helps you find the nearest technician and check their schedule to see when they’re available for dispatching.

The best fleet management software helps you provide your customers with a better experience—one they will want to tell their friends about.