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Recognizing drivers and their importance to your business

By John Sheehy September 8, 2021

In the wake of the pandemic, professional truck drivers have never been more important. Given the existing driver shortage and the significant growth in online shopping due to the coronavirus pandemic, today’s truckers have had to deal with longer hours and greater work stress to accomplish the same crucial role — delivering goods safely, securely and on time. And it will take some time for the trucking industry to get enough new drivers to lighten the load.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) predicts that over the next decade we will need about 1.1 million drivers — 110,000 or so a year.1

That’s why, during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week from September 12–18, it’s a great time to pause and show appreciation to the approximately 3.6 million professional men and women who keep supply chains moving and businesses in operation. 2 Here are some ways to show gratitude for the dedication and hard work America’s truck drivers put forth every day, even as the pandemic stretches on.

Four ways to show your appreciation

As a way to say thanks during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, or any time of the year, try one of these four ideas:

  • Treat drivers to a meal or thoughtful gift: Throwing a thank you lunch or dinner for drivers and their families is a great way to unwind, have fun and show how much their service means to your company. Alternatively, consider giving gifts intended to make their job easier.
  • Spotlight accomplishments on social media: Select one of more drivers each day and personally thank them while spotlighting them on social channels to make them feel special.
  • Ask drivers what they think. Listen to driver feedback about what’s working and what isn’t. Then make changes to improve their jobs based on that feedback. This shows that you value their dedication and are invested in their well-being.
  • Create a driver reward program. Creating a system that rewards drivers for outstanding contributions supports a culture of appreciation and gratitude.

Invest in technology that helps drivers thrive

As another way to say thank you, consider implementing upgraded fleet management technology to help drivers increase productivity and alleviate stress. New fleet solutions can help:

  • Improve efficiency: Fleet management technology can provide in-cab alerts to help drivers perform at their best. High resolution maps give both managers and drivers insight into vehicle locations to help keep everyone safe. 
  • Elevate driver training: Integrated GPS tracking can help managers coach productivity improvements. Formalized safe-driving programs can be set up using data to encourage drivers to achieve high ratings and earn rewards.
  • Increase visibility: Fleet management technology can pinpoint vehicle locations in near real time. If a truck and driver don’t return when expected, their location can be identified, and it can be determined if that person is in need of assistance.
  • Streamline maintenance: Vehicle maintenance directly impacts fleet safety. Fleet management technology allows you to monitor vehicle health and schedule routine maintenance. Completing these checks at timely intervals can help reduce future problems on the road.
  • Protect drivers: Dashcam video can help in the case of false accident claims as well as provide a visual record of incidents that happen due to severe weather.

Your drivers have been working hard during unprecedented times. It’s important for them to feel acknowledged for a job well done. Take time to do just that.

Technology can help you have your drivers’ backs. Schedule a free live demo of Verizon Connect fleet management technology today.




John Sheehy

John is the product owner for Reveal Video Clan, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Tags: Performance & Coaching, Team Management, Training

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