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Introducing SpeedGauge integration for greater safety insights

By Verizon Connect August 3, 2023

Preemptive measures to keep fleets safe remain top-of-mind for all operations. Each fleet adopts strategies, programs, and technology that continue to prioritize driver safety. 

Unfortunately, accidents and poor driver behavior are on the rise. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States traffic deaths increased by 7% for the first quarter of 2022 in comparison to the first quarter of 2021.1 This also represents the highest number of fatalities in 20 years.

Today’s landscape 

Poor driving habits expose fleets to safety concerns and increase operational costs like fuel and maintenance. To combat the behavior encountered on the road and behind the wheel, it’s important to understand each driver’s habits that span from a one-off situation to day-to-day behavior. 

In addition, not understanding what to even benchmark can be a major gap in future driver education and long-term strategy.

A new solution for promoting fleet safety 

Investing in software and prioritizing safety can make a large impact on your fleet. According to the Verizon Connect 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Survey, accident cost reduction is reduced by 17% across all industries when fleet management software is implemented.

Enter SpeedGauge, an integrated solution to enhance and align with fleet needs. Reveal and SpeedGauge integrate to provide analytics that show more about drivers’ safety performance. The one-way integration pulls vehicle data (such as VIN number, odometer, and speed) directly from Reveal into SpeedGauge platforms that allow fleet management to monitor driver behavior more closely. 

Trending scores to measure driver safety performance

SpeedGauge’s dashboards show different trend scores that consider a multitude of factors indicating the degree of safety. This provides a comprehensive snapshot of measuring and managing driving risk. 

What can be learned about a driver or fleet?

  • Identify patterns. Within the SpeedGauge Safety Center, view frequency and details of speeding incidents.
  • Individual driver experience. From the first view of a dashboard, view a Driver Safety Score that measures speeding, location, and other factors to indicate the degree of safety. 
  • Safety of the whole fleet. Quickly see how safely your fleet is operating as a whole through a Vehicle Operator Score.
  • Across the industry. The FAIR Score provides a snapshot of where a fleet stands against other similarly comparable fleets. 

Accessible and valuable information 

Understanding individual and fleet performance, allows operators to identify areas and individuals that need coaching. This specific data allows drivers to see areas of improvement—ranging from where the incident occurred to any patterns that might be demonstrated. Good drivers are also identified—allowing operators to reward and encourage positive trends. 

Ready to take your safety analytics to the next level? Integrating with SpeedGauge is simple with Reveal Marketplace. Schedule a demo with our fleet management software specialists to learn more about this integration. 


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