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Get better visibility of your EVs

Review detailed data from your electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to help improve sustainability efforts, worker productivity and your bottom line. Monitor your mixed fleet vehicles together in one place.


Keep EVs on the road

Set configurable alerts to notify you when EV batteries are getting low. Help prevent your drivers from getting stranded and improve uptime.

Battery level

Know which EVs are charged

See EV locations in near real time on a live map, including how much battery life each one has remaining to help you plan and schedule routes efficiently.

Charging status

Find out which EVs are available

Quickly see which EVs are plugged in and charging, and which are ready to go. Manage your electric vehicle fleet effectively with more insight into the status of each vehicle.


Get more out of your fleet

Review detailed reports to view EV charging data, fuel efficiency and usage. Calculate how much vehicles are costing you and find new ways to improve utilization.


Track your fleet and go green

Utilize data to calculate your fleet’s carbon footprint and increase usage of your electrical vehicle fleet to help improve sustainability efforts and reduce your environmental impact.


Purchase EVs with confidence

Our EV Suitability Tool uses telematics data to quickly show you which of your internal combustion engine vehicles are best suited to be converted to EVs.

Mobile apps

Manage your EVs on the go

Our easy-to-use mobile apps let you track your EVs on a live map, see charging status and review battery-level percentage.