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Verizon Connect Wins Prestigious Big Intelligence Award for Exceptional Customer Service Innovation

By Verizon Connect April 18, 2024

Verizon Connect has been honored with the Excellence in Customer Service Award in the Transformation of the Year category by the Business Intelligence Group for its new flexible contracts. This recognition is part of the annual Excellence in Customer Service Awards program, which celebrates companies, products, and executives leading the way in customer service. The award underscores the significant impact of prioritizing customer satisfaction and the measurable benefits it brings to businesses in today's digital economy.

In 2023, Verizon Connect distinguished itself through the introduction of new, customizable contract options for its Reveal fleet management solutions. These flexible terms allow business owners and fleet managers in the US, UK, and Ireland to tailor their contracts to align more closely with their company's specific needs. This innovative approach to contracts, combined with investments in seamless installation, training, onboarding, user experience, and customer support, has revolutionized the industry standard for fleet management technology.

By recognizing the unique needs of each fleet and offering tailored solutions, Verizon Connect has set a new benchmark for flexibility and ease of doing business in the fleet management sector. The new contract options not only provide customers with discounted services for a chosen term but also allow for easy adjustments, such as adding or removing services without requiring contract amendments. This customer-centric approach has positioned Verizon Connect as a leader in the field, further solidified by this latest accolade from the Business Intelligence Group.

In a landscape where exceptional customer service has evolved from a differentiator to a necessity, a recent study highlighted by the Business Intelligence Group found that 67% of customers are likely to recommend products or services to others following a positive customer experience. This finding emphasizes the importance of building trust and loyalty through outstanding customer service, a principle that the 2024 Excellence in Customer Service Award winners, including Verizon Connect, exemplify.

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