Delivery route planner software

Delivery route planner software

Use delivery route planning software to help improve routing and make more deliveries on time.

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Be a more effective delivery route planner

Fleet tracking solutions from Verizon Connect give you the visibility you need for delivery route optimization, along with data to help coach driver behavior, manage fuel expenses, and track vehicle maintenance.

Key benefits of distribution software

  • Improve customer service by dispatching crews more efficiently
  • Assess drivers’ behaviors, and coach them on safety using dashcams
  • Increase fuel efficiency with better data on idling and harsh driving
  • Reduce unplanned breakdowns and downtime with maintenance alerts

Visibility and Routing

Improve delivery route efficiency with near real time fleet tracking

When you know where your drivers are at any moment, you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and spend less time calling drivers for updates. Our distribution routing software helps you:

  • See where drivers are on a live map
  • Provide better ETA communication to your customers
  • Get alerted when vehicles enter or exit a location
  • Use turn-by-turn commercial navigation and custom routes

Safety and driver behavior

Support safety goals on all your delivery routes

Safety is paramount for transport companies–both for your drivers and others on the road. Our fleet tracking solutions help monitor driver behavior, so you can incentivize safer driving and discourage costly incidents.

  • Get alerts for harsh driving behaviors
  • View dash cam footage when a harsh driving incident occurs with smart AI
  • Monitor safety improvements with configurable reports and dashboards
  • Manage HOS and integrate your fleet and vehicle data with a simple, FMCSA-compliant ELD solution
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Save money with greater fuel efficiency

Efficiency and cost savings

Save money with greater fuel efficiency

Fuel costs may be your largest expense. GPS tracking for delivery trucks doesn’t just make delivery route planning efficient–it helps reduce driving behaviors that waste fuel. Our tools help you:

  • Monitor idling time
  • Keep track of excessively hard acceleration
  • Potentially save on insurance premiums
  • Better monitor IFTA for improved tax savings



Help reduce unplanned downtime and lost productivity

Preventative maintenance helps keep your fleet healthier and your costs down. Verizon Connect solutions can help you address maintenance issues before they become problems.

  • Receive alerts and reports that analyze vehicle health
  • Schedule routine maintenance to help reduce breakdown risks and increase uptime
  • Monitor engine hours for each vehicle
  • Take advantage of Roadside Assistance when you need it
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Know where your trailers are with asset tracking

Trailer tracking

Know where your trailers are with asset tracking

Locating trailers manually can mean lost time or lost job opportunities. Our delivery route planner solutions help you keep track of every trailer, so you can find them easily.

  • Have complete visibility into trailer location
  • Help improve asset security

Get support when you need it

Customer support

Get support when you need it

To help you save time, Verizon Connect offers various support options that don’t require you to contact customer service.

  • Easily request APIs and partner integrations online
  • Check the status of software and apps
  • Quickly troubleshoot GPS tracking devices
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Streamline your daily fleet deliveries

Food distribution

Streamline your daily fleet deliveries

Keep your customers satisfied and your costs under control with delivery route planning, near real-time visibility and advanced analytics.

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Simplify deliveries with distribution software

Beer distributors

Simplify deliveries with distribution software

Our advanced fleet management solutions can help you navigate to your stops, save on fuel and keep your customers happy.

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Case study

See how R&M Trucking is improving safety, delivery routing, and compliance for their drivers.

After having used Reveal and Logbook, I couldn’t imagine not having it. It’s like going from a flip phone to a smartphone.

Mike Narvaez
Safety and Compliance Director
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