GPS tracking for K-12 school districts

Fleet management for school districts

With GPS tracking, you can help increase accountability, improve driver safety, reduce idling and manage fuel costs of school transportation.

Quickly locate vehicles

Vehicle tracking

Quickly locate vehicles

See all your vehicles on a live map and run historical reports of vehicle activities.

Receive alerts for vehicle movements


Receive alerts for vehicle movements

Use GPS tracking to monitor vehicle movements in and out of school bus yards and school drop-off locations.


Have tools to coach drivers

Use speeding and harsh driving alerts along with dashcam video footage to coach drivers. Help improve student and school bus safety by reducing distracted driving and other unsafe driving behaviors.

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Fuel spend

Monitor fuel costs

Give fleet managers the ability to run reports and track idling. Help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and expenses.

Vehicle maintenance

Manage vehicle downtime

Get ahead of fleet maintenance by tracking vehicle service needs. Receive DTC alerts for vehicles when something needs attention.

4 key issues education fleets face and how telematics can help

Free eBook

4 key issues education fleets face and how telematics can help

Download our free eBook to learn more about how fleet technology can help improve driver safety, school bus and fleet maintenance, and vehicle visibility.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you support a mixed fleet?

Our fleet management system can track vehicles of all kinds, including light- to heavy-duty vehicles, school bus transportation, maintenance vehicles and more.

Can you track equipment and assets?

Yes, we can track powered and non-powered assets, including trailers, generators, forklifts, lawnmowers and more.

Are you an approved vendor for government contract programs?

Yes, we are an approved vendor for Sourcewell and NASPO.

Does your system work for other departments in the government sector?

Our fleet telematics solutions are widely used for public safety, public works and non-profit utility fleets, to name a few. If your village, municipality or community fleet needs a solution for all their vehicles, we can help.