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Monitoring more than just vehicles with GPS asset tracking

By Verizon Connect April 20, 2023

GPS asset tracking software is an essential fleet management solution that can help boost efficiency and promote fleet safety. However, the resources of your business extend well beyond your drivers and their vehicles.

With so many vehicles spread across wide service areas, it can be difficult to keep track of your fleet, let alone any additional assets in the field. Equipment tracking can help to ensure that no asset, large or small, is overlooked while providing managers and business owners with security and visibility. 

How does asset tracking help with security and visibility? 

Security: GPS Asset tracking improves security by allowing organizations to monitor and control the movement and use of valuable assets, such as equipment and vehicles. This can help prevent theft and unauthorized use, as well as help to ensure that assets are being used in a safe and efficient manner.

Visibility: GPS Asset tracking also helps to improve visibility by providing near real-time information on the location, status, and usage of assets. This allows organizations to quickly identify and respond to potential issues, such as equipment breakdowns or underutilization. Asset tracking can also provide historical data on asset usage, which can be used to identify patterns and trends, and make more informed decisions about asset management.

Overall, asset tracking helps organizations to better protect and manage their assets, which can lead to cost savings, improved productivity, and enhanced security.

How does asset tracking work?

By installing GPS devices for high-value asset tracking on moveable and fixed assets, such as containers and trailers, managers and business owners are able to keep an eye on all aspects of their business and make certain that their assets receive the necessary attention. This can pertain to smaller pieces of equipment like generators in addition to larger assets such as pods, trailers or construction equipment. When considering the high cost of fleet equipment, it only makes sense that fleet managers and business owners would want to monitor their assets in the field.

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With any number of vehicles and drivers reporting in every day, there’s the possibility for movable assets to get lost in the shuffle. Through the installation of mounted and self-powered asset-tracking devices, you’re able to monitor these assets within or outside of a fleet’s service area in near-real time while receiving detailed status reports.

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Keep all your assets safe 

Thanks to automated alerts, managers and business owners can be confident that all assets are accounted for. Fleet managers are able to manually adjust the frequency of updates anywhere from every 15 minutes to daily to keep you informed. This way, if a container is ever missed during a shipment or delivered to the wrong location, a manager or business owner will be notified in a matter of minutes and capable of taking action to provide a proactive solution.

The asset tracking system can be accessed directly from the online dashboard used by the fleet’s existing GPS tracking solution. With an installed asset tracker, managers and business owners are able to direct equipment transfers and adjustments allowing for the control of multiple assets or job sites from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

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An easy, affordable asset tracking solution 

Asset tracking allows organizations to efficiently manage and monitor their physical assets, such as heavy equipment tracking, vehicle tracking, and inventory tracking. This can improve efficiency and productivity by helping to ensure that assets are in the right place at the right time and that they are being used effectively. 

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