Beer distributors

Fleet software to support your business

Help improve beer distribution efficiency

Reduce fuel use and response times with optimized routing, near real-time visibility and advanced analytics.


Make more deliveries every day

Optimize routing so your beer delivery trucks can make more deliveries per day. Help drivers navigate around barriers with commercial navigation. Keep drivers on schedule with more visibility and less back-and-forth communication with built-in route accounting.

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Customer service

Improve customer relationships

Improve customer relationships with advanced fleet management software that lets you give customers ETAs down to the minute. And if a truck is delayed, you can notify the customer before they call you. That’s the kind of responsiveness your customers appreciate—and need from your brewery.


Promote safer driving with dashcams

Advanced GPS tracking and integrated dashcams help you assess driver behavior. When tracking software detects a harsh driving incident, view the dashcams footage to evaluate the situation and coach drivers on safer driving practices.

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Fuel efficiency

Help reduce fuel costs

Verizon Connect fleet management doesn’t just make beer distributor delivery more efficient—it helps reduce driver behaviors that waste fuel. Monitor idling time, keep track of hard acceleration and ensure trucks aren’t speeding.

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Proof of service

Provide proof of service

When your beer distribution business includes multiple routes, route replay proves your deliveries were on time. Geofences tell you when a truck arrived and how long it was onsite. You can even verify beer was the right temperature.

Field service management

Reduce manual paperwork and improve compliance

Use in-cab alerts to help drivers perform at their best. Drivers can also compete for positions on the company leaderboard by driving safely, economically and efficiently.

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Keep beer delivery trucks in peak condition

Better fleet visibility helps you take stock of what you have and how it’s being used. Our GPS fleet tracking solution can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

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Simplify vehicle inspections

Replace paper-based DVIR forms with electronic forms — on iOS or Android devices — that give your mechanics faster and more accurate vehicle inspection data.

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Case study

See how beverage distributors like Pepsi bottling cut 720 routes per year and use 25% fewer trucks.

Every time you move or make a change, you can see it adjust the revenue, the cases, whatever metric you are using. It's a good process to begin a more strategic reroute.

Jay Teeter
Logistics Manager

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