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AI video telematics: The difference is in the details

By Verizon Connect December 29, 2022

All the capabilities in the world are only beneficial if fleet managers find them easy to use and seamless to access. Verizon Connect Integrated Video records continuously, and when the system identifies that an event has occurred, video footage of the event is uploaded to the platform and available to download for 90 days. Fleet managers can also request video for any footage that is stored on their camera's SD card.

Our AI helps protect drivers in real time, reduce accidents and classify unsafe driving events by severity for fleet managers. Events are analyzed, classified, and prioritized by the cloud AI. Videos are tagged with important context such as severity, triggers, and events. Within minutes, a fleet manager can view footage and have visibility into what's happening with fleet vehicles and drivers.

Not only is the Verizon Connect Integrated Video solution simple to use and comprehensive in what it covers, with it, our customers get value-added components that contribute to a seamless experience:

Frictionless onboarding: We empower fleet owners and managers to take control of solution support by arming them with tools and information to help identify camera health problems up front, enabling users to easily resolve many issues in minutes on their own, instead of spending hours on the phone with customer support.

A clear view: The small and unobtrusive cameras are easy to mount and provide a 140-degree view for the driver's field of vision for a road-facing camera and a 130-degree view of the vehicle cab with the driver-facing camera. Couple that with professional-grade HD video to afford fleet managers a clear picture of what’s happening along each point of a driver’s journey.

A single, integrated solution: Video flows seamlessly into the Verizon Connect platform, reducing the need to log into multiple sites. Fleet managers can then learn from the aggregate of data from telematics, dual video footage and AI enhanced with machine learning.

Flexible installation options: We can install our Integrated Video solution, or for those who prefer to quickly activate the solution themselves, we offer an in-app self-installation option that’s as easy as 1-2-3: 1) physically mount the camera 2) link it to the Verizon Connect platform and 3) align it.

Ongoing support: Verizon Connect also offers more in-depth troubleshooting should a camera malfunction. If unable to address any issues on their own, our customers can take advantage of a dedicated Integrated Video support line that links directly to support center staff, who have direct access to camera performance diagnostics. These diagnostics are continuously gathered in real time to discern if the camera is operating properly and recording correctly.

Quick guides: Verizon Connect customers have access to in-depth product guides as well as troubleshooting quick guides, and can get 24/7 proactive support within the mobile app or web application itself. In addition, we take the initiative to suggest tips to streamline the use of alerts and help users take fullest advantage of the system’s capabilities.

Modular design of the AI Dashcam: Our AI Dashcam design makes it easy to upgrade from single to dual cameras with the driver-facing camera add on. It also has an edge processor that enables us to deliver valuable enhancements in the future.

"See" for yourself

The growing use of driver-facing and road-facing cameras in trucking will provide fleet managers with a more accurate picture of what is really happening out on the road, and it is critical for today’s fleets to take advantage of this important technology.

Learn more about how Verizon Connect Integrated Video can help your fleets overcome operational and safety challenges and tips for implementation in our smart video eBook.

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