The Benefit of Dedicated Roadside Assistance


June 27, 2019

Many factors impact the success of fleet operations, but none more prominently than unexpected vehicle issues on the road. Downtime like this costs fleets an average of $448 to $760 per day per vehicle.1 Add to that the cost of towing charges, driver delays and the time it takes to locate a service professional to come to the vehicle location in the first place, and it becomes clear why Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal is a viable alternative for fleets like yours.

Top benefits of Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal

With convenient vehicle Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal, help is just a phone call or SMS away. When you register, your organization and your fleet instantly benefit from:

  • An easy to use and activate service
  • The ability to keep drivers safer with 24/7 on-demand roadside assistance
  • The power to get drivers back on the road as quickly as possible
  • Savings on costs associated with vehicle downtime and service fees
  • Peace of mind knowing vehicles on the road have help waiting
  • Roadside assistance for ALL VEHICLES within a fleet (commercial trucks, light and heavy duty vehicles, cars, vans and more) for $5 a month

Specifically, fleets and fleet managers get:

  • Quick access: Admins and drivers can both instantly access roadside assistance provider’s contact information and necessary vehicle information
  • Mobile view: Drivers automatically see call options on the Reveal Field App
  • Comprehensive services: Towing, locksmith services, battery boost, fuel delivery, winch service and tire changes
  • 24/7 availability: Reach a service professional at anytime, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
  • Easy, intuitive setup: A walkthrough is provided via Live Map

The Verizon Connect difference

Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal helps busy managers streamline the oversight of their fleet of vehicles to help meet tight deadlines to grow the business more efficiently. When drivers call dispatch to report a vehicle issue, in a few simple clicks the manager has entered the issue into the centralized Reveal platform. Help is on the way to the stuck driver, and the manager is quickly back to dealing with other fleet management issues.

How it works

As soon as you (whether you’re a new or existing customer) purchase Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal, you log into Reveal and all vehicles within your account that have a VIN associated with them are automatically enabled with roadside assistance (and if any vehicles do not have a VIN listed, you’re prompted to enter the VINs for those at that time).

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When a vehicle has an issue, you’re able to locate that vehicle on a live map using the Reveal mobile app or website platform, and select it to send roadside assistance. A toll-free 1-800 number will pop up in conjunction with a unique 8-digit code, which is given to the roadside assistance operator when you call.

You’re given the option to share your phone number with customer service reps in order to receive an SMS message with an embedded link that allows you to track, in real time, exactly where the rescue vehicle is and when it will be arriving. You can also share that link with others (for instance, if you’re a fleet manager, you can share it with the stranded driver).

What it provides

Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal is easy to use and provides you with value-added features to help keep trucks and drivers safe and moving on the road:

  • Towing: First 25 miles of towing included; beyond that there’s an additional charge to the roadside assistance provider
  • Winching: Pull light vehicles stuck on ice, in mud or snow on up to 30 feet off a public roadway
  • Fuel delivery: Deliver up to 3 gallons of fuel to a vehicle that runs out of gas and diesel
  • Tire service: Replace flat or blown out tire with vehicle’s spare tire (1 tire change per service visit)
  • Battery service: Jumpstart dead battery and/or make minor mechanical adjustments to get vehicle going again (excludes hybrid vehicles)
  • Lock-out service: Help locked-out drivers gain access to vehicles (excludes cost of keys, parts or additional labor)

Protect your fleet on the road

Today’s fleets must remain operational and productive in order to stay competitive. Roadside Assistance for Verizon Connect Reveal affords your drivers and managers quick access to knowledgeable professionals that will work to get your drivers back on the road as quickly as possible.



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