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Government Fleet Technology Trends for 2024

By Verizon Connect December 8, 2023

As fleet-based organizations navigate today’s complex landscape, preparedness, connectivity and resilience are all more critical than ever. This holds true for government agencies and services, which rely on large numbers of vehicles to serve their constituents and complete critical public service tasks.

According to the 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report, GPS fleet tracking technology or telematics has helped government fleets address their day-to-day challenges and unique obstacles.

The report, conducted for Verizon Connect by Bobit Business Media, found that 66% of government fleets have implemented a GPS fleet tracking solution. The report also revealed that of fleets across industries using GPS technology, 70% of respondents said GPS fleet tracking is extremely or very beneficial.1

In addition to GPS fleet tracking, government fleets have also seen the value in deploying in-cab video and asset tracking technology to provide additional benefits for both drivers and the overall organization.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how government fleets are using GPS fleet tracking, AI-backed video telematics and asset tracking to help boost productivity, lower costs, protect drivers and reduce response time.

Government fleets see reduced costs and increased productivity

According to the 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report, when asked to rank the biggest impact that telematics technology has on their operations, improved productivity stood out as the top benefit, with 55% of all fleets reporting that they were able to achieve better productivity. 

When asked how much fleet management software helps reduce costs, government fleets answered the average cost reduction for fuel was 7%, accident reduction was 10% and their average labor cost reduction was 7%. 

It’s clear from these results that GPS tracking can help support fleet management and provide ROI. From smart dashboards to route planning and reduced idling, government fleet managers are empowered with the ability to address their most critical fleet operation issues and protect their drivers.

Learn more about how the right fleet management technology can help government organizations improve vehicle ROI. 

Fleet safety and security

In addition to fleet tracking technology, the 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report highlights how government fleets are relying on in-cab video telematics and asset tracking to promote driver safety and secure assets. Government fleets continue to increasingly adopt these technologies, with 34% of government fleets utilizing video telematics and 27% utilizing asset tracking. 

AI-backed video telematics with driver-facing and front-facing cameras is reshaping safety and efficiency for fleets. Fleet businesses can see how smart video serves as an unbiased witness, an incomparable driver training tool and a goldmine of data. In fact, 70% of fleets across industries found video telematics extremely or very beneficial, and 77% said video telematics helped improve protection from false claims.

The ability to do more with the vehicles and assets they already own is critical for government fleets, especially as they deal with competing factors like reduced budgets and increased fuel and oil prices. Asset tracking solutions provide visibility into how, when and where vehicles and equipment are being used. With 65% of fleets across industries reporting asset tracking as extremely or very beneficial, government fleets were able to improve asset utilization, security and driver productivity.

The right tools for government fleet management

Preparedness, connectivity and resiliency will continue to be cornerstones of success for government fleets well into 2024 and beyond. Fleet tracking technology gives government fleet managers the tools they need to help improve fleet operations and better address the critical needs of the customers and constituents that they serve.

It's clear from the results of the 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report that government fleets that implemented telematics, video technology and asset tracking solutions are already reaping the benefits.



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