The essential help you need for heavy lifting

Realize the full potential of your construction fleet.

Realize the full potential of your construction fleet.

Keep your workers safe

Address issues before they become accidents

Data-driven solutions from Verizon Connect help you create a safer work environment for your construction business-one that protects your people and equipment both on and off the road. Our powerful tools analyze your operations and head off accidents that cause project delays, productivity losses and increases in insurance premiums and incident-related paperwork.

Take advantage of verified paperless inspections to ensure that all your assets are in optimum condition, boosting safety and productivity. Employ AEMP integration and alert your team to equipment issues before they become safety hazards— a favorite feature among leading manufacturers, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere and Volvo.

Work smarter

Reduce downtime and increase output

Verizon Connect improves your productivity on the construction site, no matter what challenges you face. Our GPS fleet tracking software allows you to monitor your heavy equipment, reducing the instances and impacts of lost, stolen, misused or underutilized assets. And when you minimize downtime, you prevent damage-extending the life of your equipment and gaining time for maintenance accuracy.

Bid precisely

Predict profits with accurate cost reporting

Our equipment location and usage tracking features accounts for expenses, enhancing your ability to anticipate job costs and calculate operating margins. We streamline the reporting process so you don’t waste time fumbling through intricate systems. And our telematics solutions work as well for rented equipment in remote locations as they do for the assets you own and operate close to home.

Don't pay more tax than you need to

Claim your fuel tax refunds for OHV usage.

If you have vehicles and equipment operating on private roads and jobsites, you may be entitled to claim back your fuel tax.

The problem is, it feels like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Proving off-road fuel consumption can be challenging. Our reporting can automatically track miles driven or engine hours for off-highway vehicles (OHV) and combine it with fuel used to make claiming your tax refund easy.

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See it all

Track your entire fleet on a single screen, thanks to our flexible hardware options, exclusive OEM partnerships and AEMP compatibility.

Save on fuel

Monitor and reduce fuel-wasting driving practices, including idling, harsh driving, unauthorized vehicle use and inefficient routing.

Boost ROI

Get full insight into your vehicle and equipment usage, so you can redeploy, relocate or realize unused and underutilized assets.

Protect your assets

Receive instant alerts, triggered through active GPS tracking, to deter theft and improve asset recovery from construction sites.

Improve maintenance

Plan maintenance more precisely and avoid unnecessary servicing with automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostic data.

Prevent unauthorized use

Track all of your assets, around the clock, to detect unauthorized use and eliminate non-chargeable time and side jobs.

Plan for capacity

Monitor your fleet's payload capacities to ensure full vehicle utilization, minimize unnecessary trips and keep within legal limits.

Increase profitability

Use verified GPS data to measure exact time spent on jobs-for equipment and personnel-and formulate more accurate bids.

Manage teams

Take advantage of group tracking to run crew management reports and supervisors are keeping your sites safe and productive.

Reduce wear

Check advanced diagnostic sensors to detect vehicle misuse, such as excessive engine loads, and extend equipment life.

Limit liability

Use accurate GPS data to verify operator locations, vehicle movements and driving behaviors to protect you from false liability claims.