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Driving Productivity with Technology: How Plumbing Companies are Staying Ahead

By Verizon Connect June 21, 2023

When it comes to daily usage, sinks, toilets, grease traps and plumbing generally rank high in priority for homes and businesses. And when something goes wrong, a surge in emergency plumbing jobs can cause operational headaches for plumbing fleets and licensed plumbers. However, technology can offer solutions to help keep business flowing smoothly.

From clogged pipes to streamlined operations: how technology is reshaping the plumbing industry

One solution to unclog your workflow is to use GPS fleet tracking and mobile resource management technology, which can help plumbing companies overcome common challenges, improve efficiency and support customer satisfaction. With near real-time tracking, managers can see their entire crew on a map and quickly dispatch the closest plumbing contractor or worker to an emergency call. Drivers can also receive alerts and notifications for unsafe driving behavior, and managers can use near-real-time video to help keep their workers safe on the road.

Another helpful technology for field service management is a field service app, which can be used to manage scheduling and job assignments. Plumbers can view their schedules and collect signatures, photos and notes all from their mobile device while at the job site. Custom paperless forms can also be used to capture proof-of-delivery data from the field, mitigating the risk of misplaced or unreadable paper forms.

Route optimization can also help plumbing companies manage the job supply line and save time and money. By reviewing route details and running reports, managers can make informed decisions about how to optimize their fleet's routes. Additionally, preventative maintenance schedules can be set up to combat vehicle downtime, and drivers can quickly access roadside assistance if a vehicle does break down.

By implementing these technology solutions, plumbing companies can boost their operational efficiency and better serve their customers, even during the busiest times of the year.

How companies like yours tackle operational challenges with technology

“[Verizon Connect] is very easy to use – it has all the features I need to make my life easier.” - Alex, Plumbing and HVAC company

Customer Spotlight: Blue Septic Tank Service

Florida-based wastewater management company, Blue Septic Tank Service has turned to Verizon Connect's Reveal fleet management solution to track its trucks, equipment and maintenance schedules. The firm had previously used multiple systems, which led to increased workload and errors. It opted for Reveal for a simple, streamlined system to manage its trucks and to monitor its fuel usage, which the company said had become an increasingly costly area of concern. Blue Septic Tank Service implemented the solution with Integrated Video dashcams and gained streamlined workflows and valuable insights, with in-depth reports on fuel, billing and compliance.

The Integrated Video dashcams provide the company with protection for its assets and employees, as well as the ability to resolve he-said she-said situations. The affordable dashcam solution has also helped the company transform its processes, reducing inefficiencies in the office, including the use of written job tickets. The platform provides operations manager Ryan Gascon with insights on fleet data that enable him to take better care of equipment and prolong its lifespan. The integrated platform has exceeded expectations for the company, making it easier to schedule routes and complete jobs more efficiently.

Fleet management technology can help plumbing businesses boost customer service by providing accurate estimates of arrival times and keeping customers informed about the status of their appointments. By using technology to streamline their operations and improve their service quality, plumbing businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a strong reputation in the market.

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