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Fleets Rate Verizon Connect as Top Fleet Management Provider on G2

By Verizon Connect November 26, 2020

Vehicle tracking highest rated feature with 96% user rating

Fleet managers rated driver tracking and ETAs as other popular features with over 95% rating

90% users said Verizon Connect delivers on ease of use

The trusted peer-to-peer software review platform, G2 has released its Fall 2020 Grid® Report for Fleet Management, which ranks leaders in fleet management technology. In this latest report, Verizon Connect has been ranked as the premier leader for fleet management technology.

Rankings are derived by applying a unique algorithm to data collected from actual technology users in order to calculate satisfaction and market presence scores in real time.

Verizon Connect emerged as a leader in fleet management based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. In the Fall 2020 Grid Report, 85% percent of users rated Verizon Connect with 4 or 5 stars, and 80% of users believe the company is headed in the right direction—with 83% saying they would be likely to recommend Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking & Management to their peers.

Since starting with Verizon Connect, I have been able to track my fleet in real-time and know the speed of my individual drivers. If I see an excessive speed and or situation that is not safe, I connect with the driver and stop the unsafe situation immediately.

Sandy H

Grid scoring: The democratic voice of software users

The G2 Grid Report represents the real voice of software users. Products from the Fleet Management Category are rated algorithmically based on data sources from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

To qualify for inclusion in the Fleet Management category, a product must:

  • Create optimized driving routes
  • Allow for in-app communication and updates
  • Track employee progress and overall performance

Fleet management technology buyers can use the Grid to help them select the best products for their business and find peers with similar experiences.

Verizon Connect has helped us to keep track of our assets, make sure that maintenance is being done when needed and has also helped with payroll reporting and checking. We also like the variety of reports that are available - we have not needed a report that wasn't already listed.

Rosanne C

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Verizon Connect takes the top spot in Satisfaction and Market Presence

G2 uses Satisfaction and Market Presence scores to determine placement on its Grid Report. Based on reviews from 236 users, Verizon Connect received a Satisfaction rating of 87 and a Market Presence score of 98, with an overall G2 score of 92. These scores landed Verizon Connect in the top spot for Fleet Management.

The Satisfaction score is based on how reviewers rate software providers’ ability to satisfy their needs in several different categories. In the Fall 2020 Grid Report, 90% of users reported that Verizon Connect delivers on ease of use, 89% said the software meets their needs and 89% reported that Verizon Connect excels at ease of administration.

It has been a great tool for us to track our fleet and also helps us schedule our daily operations. We have now added the dashcam that has been an awesome addition to our fleet.

Chad C

The Market Presence score is a combination of 15 metrics from G2’s reviews, publicly available information and third-party sources. Software sellers and the individual products are measured on various criteria. Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking & Management has the largest Market Presence among products in the Fleet Management category, based on each product’s impact and influence in the category.

G2 reports are based on unbiased reviews from Verizon Connect fleet tracking software users across multiple industries, including construction, transportation/trucking/railroad, consumer services, oil and energy and environmental services. Based on the Fall 2020 Grid Report scores, Verizon Connect is delivering on the satisfaction categories that have the biggest impact on customers’ businesses. This is also proof that our customers feel confident recommending Verizon Connect fleet tracking software to their peers.

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Verizon Connect

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