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Verizon Connect is an integration-friendly platform with a robust set of tools that can easily share information back and forth with your other business software solutions (billing, payroll, HR, maintenance, CRM, finance, health and safety) already in place.

Our flexible, yet robust, API toolkit that allows in-house software engineers or 3rd-party developers to build custom connections between our software and another solution, from financial accounting to human resources.

Our telematics API is developer-friendly, uses commonly accepted standards and robust security protocols to make sure data is shared efficiently, securely and quickly – so the whole business can reap the maximum benefit of data collected by your mobile workforce.

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Paperless timesheets and notifications

All of the delivery information – name, location, time windows, time on site – is stored in your ERP system. An API allows you to export all of that delivery information into the Verizon Connect route planning software to create optimized routes. The API can then send that route information (such as start and stop times or ETAs) back to your ERP system for customer billing or notification.

Driver performance for employee grading

You can import driver data from your Verizon Connect fleet management software into your HR system to monitor the number of moving violations your drivers have received over a specific period of time. This could also be used to record any type of event or exception that you specify, such as vehicles being outside of a designated area or on-time starts and stops.

Streamline personnel logins

Keep your vehicle tracking solution in sync with your entire back office across driver, vehicle, group and key location information. Manage users’ access and even adjust your group members automatically as your organization changes.

Assign drivers to jobs

Your dispatch staff may be using a CRM to manage customer interaction. Using the Verizon Connect API, they can assign a driver to a new job from within your CRM system, sending the job directly to a driver for processing.

Third-party work orders

Complete your picture of daily activity with summary and variance reporting in the Verizon Connect fleet tracking software to include third-party work order data.

Journey history

See real-time detailed or journey summary data for drivers and vehicles locations and statuses wherever you need it most in your back-office dispatching, GIS, CRM or other systems.

In-house safety programs

Enhance fleet safety programs by collecting real-time harsh driving and high speed events from your drivers and vehicles.

Compliance monitoring

Leverage hours of service (HOS) driver status information within back-office systems to verify hours worked and compliance.

Vehicle depreciation

You can import information (such as mileage data) about your fleet vehicles into your ERP software to calculate depreciation for accounting purposes.

Tracked maintenance

Align fleet maintenance programs and systems to track your vehicles’ operating costs with preventive and as-needed services.


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