Intelligent AI Dashcam video solutions

Intelligent AI Dashcam video solutions

Our AI Dashcams utilize artificial intelligence for real time detection of distracted driving and road hazards to help optimize fleet safety.

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Fleet dash cams have a live view of the road

Fleet dash cams have a live view of the road

Take control of fleet safety to help prevent accidents. Automatically play audible in-cab alerts in real time for drivers who are distracted, and review road- and driver-facing camera footage side by side.

Fleet dashcams can alert fleet managers of distracted drivers


Boost your fleet's safety performance

AI-powered fleet dash cams can automatically alert drivers in real-time when they are distracted, too close, or falling asleep. Set up alerts to customize the driver experience.

Fleet dash cameras record in vivid HD video for visibility into the whole story


Get the whole story in vivid HD video detail

Review HD video footage captured by your dash cam within minutes of the incident, allowing you to quickly assess driving events. The clips are classified and tagged with relevant context, empowering you to quickly take action.

Coach drivers in safer driving habits

Coaching insights

Coach drivers in safer driving habits

Use driving data and dash cam footage to coach drivers in safer driving practices and foster a culture of safety performance.

Risk and liability

Defend your fleet against false accident claims with dash cam footage

Download AI dashcam video footage of inside the cab and outside the vehicle to help exonerate your drivers in the event of a false claim and reduce expenses associated with accidents.

Get support when you need it

Customer support

Get support when you need it

To help you save time, Verizon Connect offers various support options that don’t require you to contact customer service.

  • Easily request APIs and partner integrations online
  • Check the status of software and apps
  • Quickly troubleshoot GPS tracking devices
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Fleet dash camera systems with smart technology you can trust

In-cab audio alerts work in areas without connectivity. Videos are uploaded to the cloud and available on our fleet management platform within minutes of an event happening.

Camera AI

Advanced AI camera technology and edge computing enable continuous live scene analysis and object detection to help alert drivers of risk in real time.

Cloud AI

Machine learning and cloud-based AI quickly distill large amounts of video data into useful video tags and insights.

How our AI Dashcams work

AI Dashcams use artificial intelligence to detect dangers sends driver alert


The AI in the dash camera sees potential danger and immediately sends the driver an audible alert. The driver can quickly refocus or safely adjust their behavior.

Cloud storage enables fleet dash cams to upload videos


A video of the event is uploaded to the cloud for analysis. The cloud AI classifies the video based on severity and tags other risky behaviors, like a stop-sign violation.

Fleet managers dashboard uploading dash cam footage


After a risky driving event is uploaded, a notification is sent to a manager, who can review the footage and decide if coaching is needed. The video is available to download for 90 days.

Case studies

B.A.M. Trucking deflects false claim, saves $200,000 on insurance premiums.

It protects the driver, and it protects the company.

Cindy Medford
Office Manager

Precision Door Service uses dashcams to help protect their business & coach drivers.

With the camera, I can eliminate those situations that aren’t my fault.

Craig Amundson

Trusted by fleets large and small including:

Dash cam ebook preview how smart video fuels smart business

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How Smart Video Fuels Smart Business

Learn how AI dashcams help fleet managers promote safety by increasing driver awareness and reducing harsh driving behaviors.

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Dash cam ebook preview protect your drivers and fleet with video telematics

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Protect your drivers and fleet with video telematics

Learn more benefits for drivers and business owners of having fleet dash cameras in all your fleet vehicles.

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Your questions about fleet dash cams, answered.

Do I need a Verizon Connect fleet management platform to use VerizonConnect AI Dashcams?

Yes. AI Dashcams require the Verizon Connect Reveal or Verizon Connect Fleet platform in order to work for your fleet. These fleet dash cams are not currently available as standalone solutions.

How do dash cams work?

Dash cams work by continuously recording video of the road ahead while the vehicle’s ignition is on. They are generally powered by the vehicle’s power source and save the recorded video to an internal storage device (SD card) to later be accessed manually.

What events trigger the AI Dashcams to record?

AI Dashcams, take recording a step further. They utilize artificial intelligence to analyze road conditions and driver behavior. The AI technology functions by evaluating real-time footage of your drivers and other road users. It will immediately alert the driver and fleet managers about any unsafe driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, or tailgating. Learn more about what triggers a video recording event.

Can you live stream the dash cams?

No. Currently, our fleet camera systems do not offer live streaming. Our AI Dashcam provides fleet managers and business owners with notifications for risky driving behaviors or dangerous driving events, so they don’t have to sift through hours of footage.

Do the dash cams work in areas with no cellular signal or Wi-Fi?

Yes. The dash cams will continue to provide in-cab alerts to drivers when they are in limited or no cellular coverage and event footage will be cached on the dashcam. Once connectivity is restored, the videos will be sent to the platform and available for viewing.

Do the dash cams have night vision?

Yes. The dash cams use natural ambient light in the environment plus artificial light from streetlights and a vehicle’s headlights. These light sources along with the dash cams’ high-definition imaging combine to provide clear footage that’s optimized for low light conditions.

How do you view dash cam footage?

There are several ways you can view dash cam footage. You can request on-demand videos for a specific date and time, view footage on the Integrated Video app or pull footage directly from your dash camera’s SD card.

When will dash cam videos of unsafe driving events be available on the Verizon Connect fleet management platform?

Videos of unsafe driving events are typically available on the Verizon Connect fleet management platform within minutes of the event. After a risky driving event is uploaded, a notification is sent to a manager, who can review the footage and decide if safety coaching is needed. The fleet dash cam video is available to download for 90 days.

This real-time detection and availability of potentially dangerous driving events is facilitated by the advanced Artificial Intelligence - AI Dashcam. The AI Dashcam uses cloud-based AI to analyze the video footage for severity and tag it with context, so managers know what is important and actionable to improve driver safety.

How long are dash cam clips available?

An event-triggered video clip is available to view and download for 90 days from when it was uploaded to the platform.

Can I request a dash cam video clip for a specific day and time?

Yes. You can request on-demand videos as long as the footage is available on your SD card (learn how to get videos from an SD card).

You can preview the footage you need in the fleet management platform and submit a request. Within minutes, you’ll receive an email containing your requested clip.

How do I install a dash cam?

You can self-install the dash cams, or Verizon Connect can schedule a professional to come out and install the fleet camera system for you. The hardware should be mounted on the inside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror on most vehicles.

How do I install a Dual-Facing AI Dashcam?

A Dual-Facing AI Dashcam has both driver-facing and road-facing cameras. It uses AI technology to analyze driving behavior and provides real-time alerts to drivers for potential risks. Find the procedures on our online Installation guide:Dual-Facing AI Dashcam.

How do I install a Road-Facing AI Dashcam?

Road-Facing AI Dashcams have a road-facing dash cam and ultilizes AI technology to analyze the road ahead. Fleet dash cams provide clear video evidence in case of accidents or disputes. This can be crucial in protecting the driver and the company from false claims or liabilities. Installation of a Road-Facing AI Dashcam can be found here in on our online Installation guide:Road-Facing AI Dashcam.

How do install a Driver-Facing AI Dashcam?

The Driver-Facing AI Dashcam can be installed to help reduce distracted driving and drowsy driving. Installation of a Driver-Facing AI Dashcam generally involves mounting the device on the windshield, connecting it to the vehicle’s power source, and setting it up with the relevant software. Follow our online Installation guide:Driver-Facing AI Dashcam.

Can I receive discounts on my insurance for having dash cams in my fleet vehicles?

Dash cams designed for fleets take safety and efficiency to a new level. It’s possible that you can get discounts on your premiums after you install the AI-powered dash cams. They arm operators with crucial video footage in case of disputes and enable improved driver coaching through recorded footage. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Can I turn off the in-cab audio alerts?

Yes. From the camera settings page in the fleet management platform you can decide which individual camera-triggered events will send an in-cab audible alert.

What is the dash camera lens resolution?

The commercial-grade dash camera records in 720p HD video, has up to a 150° view to see the drivers field of vision, and ambient night vision capability.

Does Verizon Connect provide me with the fleet dash camera hardware?

Yes, Verizon Connect provides a few options for dash cameras. While speaking to a Verizon Connect representative you can determine the right amount of cameras and asset trackers you need for your fleet.

What does the ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) in the AI Dashcam detect?

ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) technology on the forward-facing camera uses AI to detect potentially dangerous events, like tailgating and approaching a pedestrian or cyclist.

Do dash cams record while the vehicle is parked?

The Verizon Connect AI Dashcam is connected to ignition power and is active when the commercial vehicle is on. If the fleet vehicle is idiling while parked the fleet dash cam will record.

Do the AI-powered dash cams record audio?

No. Audio recording is disabled by default on the dash cams.

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