3 Incentives to Drive Improved Driver Performance


A fleet management solution can help identify which employees are driving recklessly and in turn, wasting the business’s money on fuel. After a solution helps to identify who the risky drivers are, the fleet manager should create and roll-out a program to keep drivers at a company-wide standard. A safe and cost-saving driver program can be easily implemented if it has leadership behind it, but sometimes employee rewards can help them to remember what the mission of fleet management is. When drivers are on the same page as fleet owners, they are more conscious of costly driving behaviors. They are more likely to choose to turn a vehicle off for a few minutes, rather than rack up idle time and waste company money. With the Verizon Connect solution, a manager can easily identify which fleet driver has the greatest or least amount of idling hours and speeding violations. Many of our customers have created employee incentive programs to keep these numbers down. Whether you reward the employee with the least amount of incidents or punish the employee with the most (!), an employee incentive program is a great way to start the conversation about fleet tracking.

Here are 3 ways to incentivize fleet drivers:

Employee of the Month: Create an employee of the month program. The employee of the month could be the driver with the best driver score, based on little idling, few speeding violations, and no driving incidents. The employee of the month could have special privileges, around the office.

Extra Vacation Day: Another part of your employee rewards program could include raffling off an extra vacation day for those who qualify. Set an idling maximum and those drivers who meet the requirements can be entered to win a day off.

Pizza Party: Set an idling maximum for the whole team. If the team makes it under the wire, throw a pizza party at the end of the month. You can even enter to win a free pizza party thrown by Verizon Connect on our blog.How do you incentivize your drivers? Have you ever punished an employee for idling or speeding too often? Tell us in the comments.

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