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Passenger transport guided by GPS tracking technology

By Verizon Connect January 10, 2024

Passenger transport companies put a much-needed emphasis on customer satisfaction. As a key tenet of their business model, implementing the right technology to support the customer experience can give companies a competitive advantage. When it comes to passenger transport, the following factors help passenger fleet owners distinguish themselves from the competition and enhance the customer experience:  

  • High service levels
  • Offering differentiation 
  • Customization options
  • Deploying technology effectively

The right GPS tracking technology can help passenger transport companies address these factors. By using an integrated, easy-to-use platform, passenger fleet owners can give their business a boost in an increasingly competitive industry.

GPS fleet tracking software provides a total solution for passenger fleets and beyond. Find out how GPS tracking technology can benefit your fleet operation.

Connectivity takes passenger transport to the next level

The passenger transportation industry can reap significant benefits from enhanced connectivity like GPS tracking and can turn data gleaned from telematics into actionable insights to boost operations. With more coaches, limos and other passenger transport vehicles adding telematics technology, companies can gain deeper insights into passenger fleet performance. Telematics helps passenger fleets:

  • Streamline route planning, boosting efficiency.
  • Promote safety with driver behavior monitoring.
  • Simplify maintenance by tracking routine checkups.
  • Gain insights from in-depth reports.

Of course, on-time service remains a critical aspect of customer satisfaction in the passenger transportation industry. By enabling managers to see exactly where their drivers are, map routes effectively and generate passenger logistics data, GPS tracking technology helps drive business improvements across the entire passenger fleet. Telematics solutions enable passenger transport and private hire companies to satisfy customers with accurate time windows, efficient service and fast response times—and win new business by creating a competitive advantage.

Safety insights for passenger fleets

With telematics for passenger transport fleets, drivers can be alerted to distracted driving habits with real-time audio alerts and fleet managers have access to reports to help coach safe driving behaviors.

Tiegerman, a New York State non-public school program, offers a range of resources and programs including Tiegerman Community Services (TCS). TCS provides passenger transport for individuals to and from program sites via a fleet of 20 vans. Using Verizon Connect Reveal, TCS has been able to enhance passenger safety, coach driving behavior and provide evidence for insurance claims. Through near-real time alerts for speeding or idling, mechanical issue notifications and fuel efficiency reports, TCS has gained better visibility into their fleet. 

"When you come into our van, you've got other people's lives that you're handling. So, I've got to make sure those people are safe, and they go home at the end of the day,” says George Folise, Safety Manager for Tiegerman.

Autonomous vehicles on the horizon for passenger fleets

Autonomous vehicles are an emerging technology for the passenger transport industry, with autonomous commuter bus and taxi fleets now rolling out in a growing number of countries.. While these pilot projects still have logistical, technological and policy hurdles to surmount, the autonomous vehicle industry is expected to keep growing.  

As autonomous transportation fleets become more prevalent, tracking platforms will grow in importance as companies seek insights that help improve fleet performance and keep passengers safe. Alerts generated by GPS tracking technology can help today’s drivers and tomorrow’s autonomous passenger fleet operators prioritize safety. This technology can monitor, report and deploy alerts about speeding events and harsh driving incidents, enabling coachable moments, driver improvements and, in the case of autonomous fleets, programming adjustments.

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