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Fleet management software

Innovative fleet tracking software from a trusted leader in the telematics industry. More than just dots on a map, you can use advanced fleet tracking to seamlessly monitor and manage your entire mobile workforce.

Transform your fleet

It can help my customers, it helps me watch my drivers, cuts down on accidents—that just saves everybody money and time. Less gas, less time; more jobs, more money
Bill Howe, President

Compliance software

Government regulations are constantly changing and keeping your drivers and vehicles road-legal can be a time-consuming headache. Our ELD, DVIR, and HOS software helps you keep working and stop worrying.

Stay compliant

It allows us to look at the [HOS] logs on a daily basis to ensure that our drivers are meeting [them].
Kirk Smitherman, Logistics Manager

Field service

Make the best use of what you have – employees, vehicles and equipment. Keeping your mobile workers organized and on track can be a challenge – no matter what industry you’re in. The right field service software can help you organize and grow your mobile business.

Increase productivity

Now that we’re tracking the life expectancy of our oil, we’ve extended the oil change on a lot of our vehicles to eight or 10,000 miles (from the industry standard of 3,000).
Rich Poppoff, Equipment Superintendent

And more

Whatever you need, whatever your industry and whatever size your fleet is (both now and in the future) our range of software solutions can support all your mobile management needs, from route optimization software, truck navigation, service dispatch to driver coaching, compliance and mobile forms.

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Fleet management Compliance/ELD Field service And more

Better business.
Better results.

Reduced fleet expenses

Our solutions can help you cut unnecessary operating costs to make your business more profitable. Save miles, fuel, labor and more by working smarter, not harder, and boost your bottom line.

Satisfy your customers

Deliver better fleet customer service with advanced technologies from Verizon Connect. We help you meet intense demands, personalize your service, deliver more dependably and respond quicker to last-minute requests.

Boost asset safety and security

We provide critical high-tech tools to improve the driving habits of your fleet. Monitor and manage drivers, vehicles, work sites and equipment to protect your operation and help improve your reputation for promoting driving safety.

Make hardware easy

Get the telematics devices and support that fit your specific needs. We have options for built-in hardware and aftermarket installations, as well as new and existing mobile devices, for total flexibility.

Enhance productivity

Get more from every worker and asset in your fleet. Verizon Connect solutions help you organize your mobile workforce, improve asset utilization, reduce compliance headaches and eliminate paperwork so you can accomplish more with less.

Improve fuel efficiency

Help save a bundle on annual fuel costs with data-driven fuel efficiency insights by Verizon Connect. Spot and correct fuel-wasting habits, such as bad route planning, unnecessary idling, speeding and aggressive driving.