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Improve Farming Operations Utilizing GPS Asset Tracking

By Verizon Connect October 18, 2022

Managing a fleet of farming vehicles and heavy equipment in vastly rural areas is a common challenge in the agricultural industry. While this may have been a logistical nightmare in the past, today’s asset tracking software can help support the management of both powered and non-powered assets across miles of farmland.

Asset tracking software requires the installation of small, weather-proof GPS tracking devices on agricultural equipment and vehicles. The software then supplies visibility into the equipment’s data, no matter where the asset is located. The data provides visibility into location data, history, and usage details and maintenance status—and overall, this data helps agricultural companies see a longer lifecycle for their assets and improved productivity and security.

Agricultural equipment data streamlined in one central location.

Farms across America are home to a multitude of valuable equipment of different makes, models and manufacturers. Depending on the time of year, that equipment can be scattered across miles of rural land. While there may be a telematics system already installed by the original manufacturer, it is practically impossible to check and control that data across disparate systems.

Asset tracking software helps to simplify this by keeping all asset data in one central place. Agricultural companies can easily view and report key metrics and alerts like maintenance status, all from their desktop computer or smartphone. 

Locate assets, no matter how rural the location. 

With a robust asset tracking system, agricultural employees can easily pinpoint the location of any needed asset in an instant. They can also view details from a live location map, such as an asset’s usage history or battery life. As a result, software operators and managers can locate the equipment and vehicles they need when they need it in order to maintain peak productivity levels.

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Keep agricultural fleet vehicles and equipment up and running. 

Preventing equipment and vehicle breakdowns is always a top priority in the agricultural industry, especially during busy times like harvest season. Asset tracking software helps keep fleet vehicles and equipment  in top working condition with constant monitoring of the assets’ health. Maintenance alerts are sent when service is due or if a part needs to be replaced. This helps to keep equipment and vehicles in good condition and helps prevent breakdowns during the busiest seasons.

Improve year-round productivity and cost projections.

Modern asset tracking software can easily help agricultural managers boost productivity levels. By setting up a geofence perimeter, managers gain insights into staff productivity for the area—making it easier to get the right equipment to the right location in order to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Managers can also view things like fuel usage and idle times for equipment. This helps companies get a better sense of how to predict expenses such as fuel costs and payroll throughout the year. 

Boost year-round security. 

During an agricultural company’s offseason, valuable farming equipment and vehicles can be left unattended for long periods of time. Consequently, these assets are more vulnerable to theft. That is why many agricultural companies use asset tracking software to boost their security efforts. 

GPS tracking software uses geofence technology to create a defined, virtual perimeter for powered and non-powered assets. In the event that an asset is relocated outside of the approved area, an alert notification is sent. This immediate notification can be shared with authorities to help track down the equipment or vehicle in near real-time, thus improving the chances of recovering the stolen asset.

Is it time to upgrade your asset management solution? Check out our buyer's guide to learn what to look for in an asset tracking solution.

Asset tracking software is a must-have for the agricultural industry. 

Heavy equipment and fleet vehicles are the lifeblood of any agricultural company. GPS tracking software helps to protect the investment made in these assets. By streamlining and using relevant data, this software provides valuable insights into assets from virtually anywhere at any time. Agricultural companies can boost productivity and security in even the most remote location while helping to prevent equipment theft.

It’s also important to partner with the right software provider for your company’s needs. Verizon Connect is helping agricultural companies across the country track and manage their high-value assets with asset tracking software. Learn how.

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