Commercial truck roadside assistance

Commercial truck roadside assistance

24/7 roadside service for your commercial vehicles in the U.S.

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Quickly get disabled vehicles back on the road

You can’t afford unexpected downtime on the road.Emergency roadside assistance offers quick, cost-effective coverage, whether you need fuel delivery or have a flat tire.

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Help drivers stay

When a commercial truck needs emergency road service, Verizon Connect can provide help with our fleet roadside assistance program, including lockout service, tire service, towing, jump starts and winching. We understand the importance of on-time deliveries - keep We can help your drivers make on-time deliveries and off the shoulder of busy highways.

Easily access service providers via the mobile app

When a truck driver or owner operator is stranded and needs help, they can click into the Reveal mobile app to request truck roadside assistance services from a local provider. Office staff can do the same from their mobile or desktop app.

A full range of commercial fleet roadside service options


The first 25 miles of towing is offered for both light- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

Lockout services

Help locked-out drivers get access to their vehicles.

Battery boost

Receive jump starts for dead batteries or minor mechanical adjustments to get a vehicle going.

Fuel delivery service

Deliver up to three gallons of fuel to a vehicle that runs out of gas or diesel.

Winch service

Pull light-duty vehicles stuck on ice, mud or snow from up to 30 feet off a public roadway.

Tire change

Have a tire changed for a flat or blown out tire using the vehicle’s spare.

24/7 availability

Get peace of mind knowing you can reach a service professional anytime, anywhere in the U.S.

Simple set-up

Customers can easily add Roadside Assistance from the Reveal live map.

Frequently asked questions

What emergency roadside services are included with your commercial truck roadside assistance?

These are services covered for eligible vehicles. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

  • Towing up to 25 miles for light- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles. Additional miles will be pro-rated in 1/10th mile increments.
  • Jump starting a dead battery or making other minor roadside adjustments to start the vehicle. Expenses for more extensive repairs, parts and labor are an additional cost.
  • Delivering three gallons of gas or diesel fuel. This service covers delivery of the fuel only and does not include the cost of fuel.
  • Removing a flat tire and replacing it with your spare tire. The service provider will change a flat tire with its inflated spare. If no spare is available, the vehicle may be towed.
  • Winching is offered for light-duty vehicles that are safely accessible from a paved public road.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use Roadside Assistance at no extra charge?

There is a limit of 4 service calls per vehicle annually.

What is the process if I need Roadside Assistance?

  • Access the Roadside Assistance section of your Reveal app to call the Roadside Assistance number provided.
  • Give the 8-digit vehicle code shown in your app to the service representative.
  • They will prepare a request for service dispatch. You’ll need to provide your location (the nearest major street or intersection).
  • The service provider will offer an estimate of when a representative will arrive.

Can I use Roadside Assistance on restricted roadways?

Service may be limited by local traffic rules and regulations, such as restricted roadways and toll roads. In such areas, only certain service vehicles are authorized to perform service. The Roadside Assistance representative can assist you with your options.

Do I need to register all vehicles on an account to have Roadside Assistance?

Yes, all vehicles on an account need to be registered for Roadside Assistance.

When I activate Roadside Assistance, how soon does it start?

Your coverage becomes effective immediately after you activate it on your account.

How do I activate Roadside Assistance on my account?

You will be notified through Reveal when your account has been enabled for Roadside Assistance. You can then follow the instructions on how to activate Roadside Assistance for all vehicles on your account using their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

I have not added a VIN for all vehicles. Can I still activate Roadside Assistance?

Vehicles which cannot be activated due to the absence of a VIN will be highlighted for you on the Roadside Assistance page. There will be an option for you to update the VIN on this page.