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Smart Video, Smart Drivers: Modern Fleet Safety

By Verizon Connect January 19, 2021

The technology of tomorrow is here today. Dashcams and smart video backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are taking off and helping businesses and organizations make impactful changes, especially when integrated with telematics technology. In fact, according to Government Fleet, commercial fleet adoption of telematics systems is expected to increase to 20 million units by 2022 from the 13 million units employed in 2019, due to the growing popularity of GPS fleet and asset management systems and increasing interest in video-based driver management products and other solutions.”1

The potential for smart video technology to have significant safety implications fuels much of this expected growth. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommends that heavy truck and bus fleets use video recorder technology,2 and a Verizon Connect survey found that customers that use telematics solutions saw a decrease in accidents up to 22%.3  

Telematics and video technology: A perfect match for fleets

Safety is paramount for the modern fleet, as most fleet drivers travel 20,000 to 25,000 miles or more each year, increasing their exposure to crash risks, and on average, 20% of a company’s fleet will be involved in an accident this year.4 But if your business or organization relies on a mobile workforce, you likely understand how hard it is to get a complete sense of what drivers and vehicles are experiencing on the roads in addition to gathering and analyzing other data points and metrics to help improve efficiency while reducing costs.

An integrated system that seamlessly provides telematics and driver-facing and road-facing video data in a single platform offers an invaluable depth of knowledge to businesses and organizations. Especially when powered by AI, smart video solutions can automatically classify events by severity and minimize the burden of even more data on fleet owners and managers of situations by only alerting them to events that require immediate attention. Machine learning using collected data continuously improves its analysis and accuracy of assessments over time, adding to its usefulness over time. Smart video solutions also serve as an unbiased witness, an incomparable driver training tool, and a data goldmine to support advanced analytics efficiency and cost measures.

Smart video fuels smart business with total visibility

To help fleets better navigate the road toward video adoption, our new ebook highlights the major benefits fleets can realize from this next-generation technology. Dive in to learn more about the following ways that smart video can help your organization:

  • Protect your investment: One of the most valuable benefits of an AI-enabled, integrated video solution is that it can help businesses and organizations who employ drivers or mobile workers protect their hard-earned reputations without increasing workload. The use of video and telematics data to create a complete picture empowers fleets to protect vehicles, employees, and other drivers on the road, while enabling them to effectively address false liability claims.
  • Reinforce trust and boost confidence: It’s common to hear objections about technology that collects data or tracks movement, but smart technology can actually increase trust within your organization if implemented and messaged well. Suspicion is exacerbated by lack of information, so take every opportunity to establish trust and cooperation from the start by providing access to live demos and having candid conversations with all employees to promote the benefits of video technology.
  • Use facts over assumption in coaching: Businesses and organizations using telematics already have a leg up on driver coaching, but video technology enhances coaching efforts by providing real context around areas for improvement. Use data about an event, such as speed and routes driven, with actual footage for customized and more effective driver coaching and safety programs. Driver-facing cameras can also help provide visual clarity around distracted driving behaviors—helping managers determine what negative behaviors are most pervasive within the fleet, and take action to proactively correct them.

Download the new ebook How Smart Video Fuels Smart Business to learn more about how an integrated video solution can help protect your business.

What to look for in the whole technology package

Our ebook also investigates what to look for in a fleet-wide smart video solution itself. Video solutions have come a long way, and innovations in hardware and analysis tools such as AI and machine learning mean there’s even more to learn before you sign that contract. For example, the right technology for your organization should be intuitive and easily integrate with existing telematics and GPS systems.

Features to note can include:

  • Wide sightline, field of view
  • Ability to transmit directly to a single-source
  • Dual view of driver-facing and road-facing video
  • Mobile, email and desktop alerts when new video footage is available
  • Ability to seamlessly access the right information with a single login
  • AI-backed machine learning analytics that classify videos by severity of event

      For an in-depth dive into the major benefits of fleet video, and to learn more about how it can positively impact operations, download your copy of this ebook today.


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