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Fleet Management Tools Help You Reduce Fuel Costs

By Tim Tyler February 2, 2020

Fuel is a big part of every fleet budget. It accounted for nearly 40 percent of fleet ownership expenses in 2013, according to The Washington Post.

Low fuel efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles is also costly for the environment. These vehicles account for five percent of highway traffic and 20 percent of transportation-related carbon emissions.

Fuel efficiency standards aren'۪t just for government fleets.

To help cut greenhouse gasses, the White House set new fuel efficiency standards on August 16, 2016. The regulations require heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans to become 2.5 percent more efficient each year from 2021 to 2027. Vehicles such as delivery trucks and school buses will have to decrease fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 25 percent compared to current standards.

To comply with the new standards, the cost of a large truck could increase by up to $14,000. But higher sticker prices could be offset by fuel savings. The new standards are expected to save about $170 billion in fuel costs, reduce oil consumption by 84 billion gallons and cut carbon pollution by more than one billion tons.

But you don'۪t have to buy a new vehicle to cut fuel expenses.

A GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you save money on fuel.

Are you tired of high fuel expenses? You can reduce fuel costs up to 20-25 percent by taking advantage of GPS vehicle tracking.

Easy-to-read dashboards provide quick views of fleet operations.

A truck idling an average of three hours a day can add the equivalent of over 27,000 miles in engine wear and tear in a year. That can add up to an additional $1,600 in maintenance costs. With a GPS vehicle tracking solution you can view idle time per vehicle, fleet-wide idle time averages, and more. Monitor performance, track how improvement affects your fleet'۪s idle time percentage and educate drivers about the importance of reducing idle times.

Find the right solution for your business with our free Fleet Management Buyer’s Guide.

Comprehensive reports identify gas-guzzlers.

Reducing how much fuel your trucks burn can help you save money. A GPS fleet vehicle tracking solution can allow you to see the approximate amount of fuel used by each vehicle in gallons or dollars. Then you can take actions to drive down fuel usage, such as engine tune-ups or coaching drivers to reduce speed. You can also use this report to help reduce instances of fraud by reconciling fuel card expenditures with fuel consumption.

Improved maps offer better routing.

Companies that use a fleet management solution can reduce total miles driven by up to 5-10 percent. GPS vehicle tracking solutions can help you plan more efficient routes by giving you access to maps that show the location and final destination of every vehicle in your fleet. Access driver and vehicle information through actionable icons while monitoring traffic, weather and more. View area topography, building footprints and vehicle clusters. Save favorite map views and customize map colors. This information can help you improve fleet efficiencies, like sending the closest vehicle via the most direct route to provide your customers with faster service.

Manager and Driver mobile apps and the Driver Behavior dashboard help promote safety and accountability.

Aggressive driving behaviors like speeding can reduce gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and five percent at city speeds, according to FuelEconomy.gov, a federal website dedicated to fuel economy. GPS vehicle tracking solution helps you track driver behavior. Help promote safety to mitigate costly risk to the organization and help drivers be more accountable to supporting fleet and organizational goals.

Start saving today with a GPS vehicle tracking solution.


Tim Tyler

Tim Tyler joined the team in 2015 and is responsible for product positioning and voice of market (VOM) in order to affect the way the marketing team connects and communicates with customers.

Tags: Cost control, Dispatching & Scheduling, Productivity & Efficiency

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