Commercial truck GPS navigation for fleets

Commercial truck GPS navigation for fleets

Take smarter, more efficient routes with truck GPS navigation

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Smarter truck routes, better business

Smarter truck routes, better business

Commercial navigation by Verizon Connect gives your truck drivers directions to their destination based on their vehicle class. Avoid driving on restricted roads and get turn-by-turn truck GPS navigation without the hassle.

  • Receive truck routing based on vehicle type
  • Get updates on obstacles
  • See verified driver feedback on road conditions

Truck navigation by vehicle type

Truck navigation by vehicle type

Get turn-by-turn directions based on your vehicle’s needs with our truck GPS software. Our navigation systems consider vehicle height, weight and load type, so your route complies with road restrictions and transportation regulations.

Map preview

Map preview

Preview your route, including intersections and junctions. See local points-of-interest, so you know where you can stop for a refuel or break.

Additional features

Take your GPS navigation to the next level with these extras. It’s the difference between good and great.

On-the-road updates

Get updated on road and weather conditions.

Driver feedback

View feedback from other commercial truck drivers on road conditions, including road quality and closures or roadside emergencies.

Offline navigation

Continue receiving directions while in areas of low signal or no connection – simply download our map data to your device.

In-app help

Access how-to articles in the app, so you can quickly learn how to use key features.

Commercial navigation for enterprise fleets

Are you looking for truck navigation software for your enterprise?

Our enterprise solution for commercial truck GPS navigation offers additional features like last-mile routing, road customization and route compliance monitoring. See how we can help your large fleet do even more with truck navigation software.

Learn more about enterprise solutions

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between your Navigation Mobile App and the maps app I already use?

Commercial GPS and navigation systems are more complex and efficient than a generic consumer product. Our app considers the vehicle restrictions for driving based on weight, size and load type, so you won’t be directed to restricted roads. In addition, it anticipates other obstacles, like bad weather, construction and real-time traffic, to recommend a route that helps you arrive faster and more safely. It also considers regulations for hazardous materials (hazmat), such as compressed gas or medical waste.

Does the app read the directions to me? Is it hands-free?

Once you input your destination, the app takes it from there. It will read the directions aloud, so you can focus on the road ahead.

What happens if I lose my signal – does the app still work?

Yes, the app will continue providing directions even in areas of low or no connectivity when you download map data. With this map data downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, our navigation will still function offline.

Can you route me around road closures?

Yes, our app will direct you around road closures related to flooding, fires, special events, and any DOT-recommended detours as advised by local authorities.

I already know my routes really well. How can this app help?

For truck drivers who use the same routes consistently, our Navigation Mobile App can still help with anticipating obstacles like weather patterns, construction and accidents—these factors are constantly changing. It can assist with training inexperienced or new drivers who may be unfamiliar with road conditions. In addition, all the data that is logged, like route length and time, can be used to predict more accurate future ETAs to the same customers.

What ways can this help my business?

Your drivers face daily safety and efficiency obstacles. Our Navigation Mobile App helps simplify your driver’s day, cuts down on driver frustration and reduces the likelihood that they may be driving in dangerous conditions. All of these benefits can add up to time and energy saved so that deliveries and drivers can arrive on time and under more safe conditions.

How do I download the app?

The app is available for iOS devices in the App Store and Android devices in the Google Play store. It can be downloaded to any compatible smartphone or tablet.