Your local support team is here and ready

Your local support team is here and ready

Uptime is essential to your business. That's why we have local team members ready to help with your onboarding, training and support needs.

Fleet management software for any size of fleet

Fleet management software for any size of fleet

Verizon Connect brings together the software of 3 market leading telematics companies, Fleetmatics Reveal, Telogis Fleet and Networkfleet. Our suite of SaaS fleet tracking solutions can be tailored to suit any company size, from small business to large national trucking fleets and government agencies, in the united states and around the world.

We’re always striving to provide ease of use across all our software and real value for money, so if your Verizon Connect solution isn’t working correctly for you we want to know about it.


There are many moving parts to a smoothly operating fleet tracking solution, all the way from installation of vehicle tracking devices and dashcams to the setup of alerts and reports within our fleet tracking software and mobile apps.

Sometimes it can be a challenge troubleshooting particular vehicle tracking issues. Our FAQs and video series below cover most common questions around setup, and common issues seen during day to day operations.

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Get in touch with our customer support team for real-time issue resolution - a phone call to your Customer Support representative should set you on the right path, or failing that, get in touch with us below and we’ll work to try and resolve your issues as quickly as we can.

Frequently asked questions

How do I login?

On your first time logging into the Reveal as an administrator you’ll need to set your password. Find out how to do that here.

Login credentials should have been sent to you as part of your welcome process and you can follow login process here

How do I set up reports?

Our reports to help with fuel management and driver management for your fleet vehicles as well as tracking work orders.

For Reveal users, have a look at the reports overview.

For Fleet users: Saving and scheduling reports, or if reports have recently stopped running, how to troubleshoot reports.

How do I troubleshoot ELD issues?

If your ELD solution is reporting a diagnostic fault or malfunction, some basic troubleshooting will help us resolve your issue sooner: Instructions are available for Fleet users and Reveal users.

How do I leave feedback on Verizon Connect Apps?

You can leave feedback within Work, Reveal and Fleet, as well as our iphone and android apps such as Spotlight. Or please use the form below to let us know about issues you are experiencing or to request new features in the software.

Who fixes installation issues?

If your vehicle tracking units are not working properly, we work with dedicated technicians that can schedule an appointment with you. Talk to your customer support representative to discuss what you need to do next.

How do I return vehicle tracking units?

Depending on your contract, you may not need to return un-installed units. Contact your customer support representative and they can provide a return address for tracking units that are faulty or excess to requirements.

How easy is it to update my contract?

Talk to your customer support representative about changing aspects of your contracted fleet management service. You can also contact us via the form below.

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