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AEMP 2.0 - A telematics standard on Verizon Connect

By Julie White July 6, 2023

AEMP stands for Association of Equipment Management Professionals – a standards program designed to improve communication and data exchange between construction equipment and supporting asset tracking systems. The utilization of a consistent data format in the AEMP standard is widely supported by different fleet management systems. As a result, combining data from numerous monitoring devices into a pre-existing system has become notably simpler. Verizon Connect GPS fleet tracking technology is AEMP-compatible, giving businesses the ability to monitor and manage heavy, off-road fleets or heavy equipment to help increase utilization.

What is AEMP 2.0? 

AEMP 2.0 is the newest version of the industry standard for tracking and managing heavy equipment and assets in the construction and agriculture sectors. Here’s what to expect with the AEMP 2.0 upgrade: 

  • Better accuracy: AEMP 2.0 provides more accurate tracking and reporting of equipment and assets, reducing the risk of mismanagement or loss.
  • More efficiency: By automating many processes and integrating with existing systems, AEMP 2.0 streamlines operations and saves time for equipment managers and operators.
  • Additional visibility: The platform provides near real-time data on equipment usage and maintenance, making it easier to make informed decisions about asset utilization and maintenance needs.

It’s an important tool for construction companies that helps them enhance their operations and helps reduce costs by giving them smarter options when managing their heavy equipment.

AEMP 2.0 with Verizon Connect 

AEMP 2.0 is a helpful tool that can help businesses grow more effectively and help streamline their operations. Here are just a few ways AEMP 2.0 can help your business now and in the future:

Equipment Efficiency: AEMP 2.0 offers customers resources to help them manage their equipment efficiently. This can help reduce downtime, help manage equipment lifespan and boost the overall performance of their assets.

Productivity: AEMP 2.0 helps customers improve the productivity of their equipment. This can result in faster completion of projects and improved bottom-line results.

New Insights: AEMP 2.0 offers new data points that customers can use to track for critical areas like:

  •  Job planning.
  •  KPIs (including daily productivity by monitoring attributes such as tonnage per hour).
  • Machine health/remote diagnostics/maintenance planning.
  • Environmental footprints and compliance to standards.

AEMP 2.0 can provide businesses with a comprehensive solution that helps them optimize their equipment usage – ultimately helping their bottom line.

How will my business benefit from AEMP 2.0?

Construction projects involve a wide range of management tasks, including people, schedules, finances, and equipment. To make the process smoother, construction companies can use an integrated asset tracking solution, which can reduce the burden of equipment management and improve overall project performance. By leveraging GPS technology, these solutions can enhance efficiency, productivity, safety, and security. 

For those with heavy duty machinery like John Deere and others, viewing and analyzing multiple assets with AEMP 2.0 telematics data has never been easier: 

A single pane of glass: Access a single telematics dashboard to monitor and generate insights for mixed equipment fleets to save time.

Get the full picture: Enable fleet operators to monitor and enhance machine productivity and utilization.

Control costs: Make informed business decisions about equipment and fleet vehicles and get insights into how you can reduce unplanned downtime, lower fuel costs, measure efficiency, and increase asset utilization.

Learn more about how API integration creates value for your fleet and expands your options for sharing data across your business.

Value of the Verizon Connect platform

By leveraging a AEMP 2.0 telematics solution like Verizon Connect, businesses are able to receive near real-time alerts and predictive analytics about their resources which can help to reduce downtime and costly repairs. 

Want to know more about how to enhance your construction company’s operations and boost your bottom line? Get our special report on common construction challenges in asset management and how to address them.

Julie White

Julie is an experienced product management professional with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry in a variety of customer-facing and technical roles. She is skilled in product management, business analysis, product ownership, enabling sales and customer support management.

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