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How to improve customer satisfaction with fleet truck routing software

By Verizon Connect December 12, 2023

When it comes to delivery services, timely and transparent delivery is a high priority for customer satisfaction. It’s also important to ensure that this timeliness and transparency are consistent. Customers who don’t receive their packages on time or who have difficulty with failed deliveries are less likely to order products from the same company and are more likely to leave poor reviews for the service. This can quickly harm a company’s reputation and customer retention. 

One of the best ways that businesses can overcome this issue is by using routing software. Effective routing software can help reduce human error by planning routes, guiding delivery employees through their daily routes and providing real-time updates on fleet vehicle locations to improve the accuracy of estimated delivery times. This can also result in a variety of further benefits, such as optimized delivery routes to support resource conservation and a decrease in the company’s carbon footprint through reduced fuel usage. 

Key features of fleet truck routing software

Because fleet truck routing software can have such a significant positive impact on a company’s outcomes for delivery services, it is important to carefully assess options to choose the ideal software for your company’s particular needs. While the specifics of these needs may vary somewhat depending on the individual business and its business model, some key features are typically a good indicator of high-quality routing software.  

Optimized route planning for enterprise fleets

Route planning software can help develop optimized routes for delivery in enterprise organizations. This means that the technology can assess different routes for delivery, taking into account a variety of criteria ranging from time of day, road closures and customer location to vehicle capacity, driver availability and skill sets — all for hundreds of fleet vehicles and drivers. The software can use that data to choose a route that's likely to result in a fast and efficient delivery.

Efficient route planning not only benefits the customer, who is more likely to promptly receive their package, but also a large company’s bottom line. The initial costs of investing in route planning software initially can be offset over time, since it can reduce the cost of resources such as fuel, time and vehicle maintenance. It can also reduce short and long-term costs related to delayed or failed deliveries, such as refunds and loss of loyal customers. 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics are ongoing location and movement analyses that may affect optimal delivery routes. This can include factors such as traffic, road construction and weather conditions. Depending on how these factors are likely to affect routes, the predictive software may adjust the recommended routing for the delivery. This can counteract unforeseen factors that might otherwise delay the delivery. 

A practical application of predictive analytics can be found in fleet routing software

This software has agile features that can help business owners contend with working in a constantly changing environment, such as making last-minute changes (whether due to driver absences or out-of-service vehicles) or automatically optimizing routes when new jobs are added. Through such tools, customers benefit from streamlined service and more consistent delivery times and service.

Actionable strategies for enhancing customer experience with routing software

There are further strategies that a business can employ to supplement the benefits of fleet routing software. To provide optimal delivery service, it’s important for a business to not only choose high-quality routing software but also to integrate the software in a way that most efficiently supports workflow and procedure. Other workflows and goals may need to be adjusted to support customer experience outcomes related to delivery. 

Building transparent communication channels

One of the most significant benefits of routing software is clear communication within the company, between partnered businesses and with customers. However, routing software is not the only tool to accomplish this, and communication efforts should go well beyond this. 

Clear communication can further be achieved through the use of channels such as direct messaging software and email notifications. Consistent and transparent workflows can also serve this purpose. These strategies can constitute proactive efforts to maintain communication and transparency, as well as provide clear options for outreach in the event of any issues or concerns. 

Learn how fleet management tools can help you keep your last-mile delivery costs down, coach your drivers and meet your customers’ expectations, so you can move your business forward.

Training drivers for enhanced customer interactions

A business cannot operate efficiently without ensuring that its employees are all on the same page as it pertains to standards and expectations. As such, thorough and regular training and education are one of the most important tools at a business’s disposal to optimize operations. This can help improve customer satisfaction through prompt delivery and carefully handled packages, as well as through positive interactions with drivers. 

In addition to basic skills such as driving safety, familiarity with software and compliance with transportation standards and regulations, it’s important to train drivers about proper package handling, careful delivery and customer interaction management. They should be aware of how to behave professionally during every stage of the delivery process and reflect the values and goals of the company well. This can be achieved not only through standard training procedures but also through regular assessment of drivers’ work and conduct and the introduction of individual goals for professional development. 

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