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We’ve been building fleet management solutions since the turn of the century. We’ve come a long way, we’re excited about the future and we’re eager to keep making a positive difference in the day to day lives of our customers.

A few ways our customers benefit


“It can help my customers, it helps me watch my drivers, cuts down on accidents—that just saves everybody money and time.”

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Bill Howe, President


“We've physically added about 9,000 gallons of daily capacity ... but increased business by more than 11,000 gallons each day.”

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Alan Falik, President

Fuel spend

“This platform has cut our cost increased our ability to get on-site quickly and efficiently”

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Doug Kraus, Director Of Operations


“It gives us the information we need, and it’s accurate, so we don’t have to question it.”

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Crystal Jones, Fleet Services Manager

Increased profitability

“The platform has been integral to producing top-line revenue growth of 20-25%, as well as a 50% increase in EBITDA.”

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Alan Falik, President


“We have the ability to get there and rapidly deploy a large number of people and resources, and focus on the work we do best: surveying.”

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Ken Utley, Field Operations Manager

Freedom to choose

“The rest of the industry is still in the dark ages when it comes to smartphone and tablet software, whereas now we are able to use the very latest Android and iOS devices.”

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Brendon Petsch, IT Director


“We chose this platform because of its end-to-end enterprise system. Most companies just offer one thing – a telematics solution. This offers a lot more.”

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Dan Daly, Director Of Operations Support

Talk to us about your fleet goals and let us show you how our software can help, optimizing your mobile resource management and adapting to your growing business.

It all starts with a demo

Before Zayo cut fuel costs by 11 percent, before Poolsure increased top-line revenue by 20%, they reached out for a free, no obligation demo.

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