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All Your Vehicles and Equipment at Your Fingertips

By Verizon Connect November 19, 2020

Dispatchers, operations managers, business owners and mobile supervisors are always on the go, and have limited time to log into web platforms or get to a desktop. Particularly during pressure situations and uncertain business climate, fleet managers and operators need to streamline tasks to help build efficiencies both in the office and out in the field.

To help accomplish this, comprehensive fleet information must always be ready at their fingertips. That’s why we are introducing our new Spotlight app, which is now available for all Fleet and Reveal customers at no additional cost.

Spotlight puts the power of the Reveal platform in the palm of your hand, helping to improve both the safety and efficiency of daily business operations. The mobile app lets you quickly identify crucial information about your vehicles, drivers or assets, and take decisive action at any time from nearly anywhere.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a new app that makes the key functions of Fleet, Reveal and Reveal Field easy to access and visibly cuts the number of steps needed to reach the Live Map and other functionalities. What takes six steps to do in the Reveal manager app now takes only two steps to do when using the Spotlight app.

Find out how Spotlight can help you manage your daily schedules and streamline your fleet operations.

The key benefits for fleet managers

Spotlight gives fleet managers the ability to track, monitor and act on important information about their entire fleet, with benefits for both existing Reveal users and new Verizon Connect customers like:

  • One mobile app displays your Vehicles, EVs and Assets on one screen
  • A streamlined mobile experience makes it fast and easy to find the information you need
  • See all your vehicles in a single view on the Live Map, without having to switch apps
  • Gain quick access to location and status details of your entire fleet, even when not at your desktop 
  • Simultaneously view your entire fleet without a limit to how many vehicles can be displayed at one time
  • Easily find a vehicle and view individual driver trip history without ever having to visit a computer, including verification of the job or route summary

Features that help simplify your day

The most notable features of this new app help simplify what it takes to manage a fleet:

  • Live Map: View vehicles, assets and electric vehicles in one central location with no limit to how many can be viewed at one time.
  • Drivers: Use the Drivers tab to easily find a specific driver, then tap to show more detail such as a driver’s contact information. You can also contact drivers directly from the app via text, email or phone call.
  • Alerts: Manage your drivers’ behavior with near real-time alerts, including viewing the top three alerts that a specific driver or vehicle has triggered, along with additional details for more context around each event. On the alerts page, you can view the 32 most recent alerts.
  • History: View each vehicle’s activities at a glance with History. This encompasses everything that is displayed in the travel and stops reports on a per-vehicle basis, as well as an overview of a driver’s entire route, including start and stop times.

  • Nearby vehicles: Locate and view nearby vehicles within approximately 60 miles of your location. In addition, locate nearby powered and non-powered assets with flexible map options.
  • Search: Use the search option to quickly locate any vehicle, driver or asset. Search by name, or even just part of the name by typing only a few characters.
  • Device Setup: Self-install vehicles, assets and electric vehicles in one central location.
  • Onboarding: Get access to walkthrough guides and tips to educate yourself and users on how to reap the greatest benefit from Spotlight features.

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