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Fleet management

Innovative fleet tracking software from a trusted leader in the telematics industry. More than just dots on a map, you can use advanced GPS tracking to seamlessly monitor and manage your entire mobile workforce.

Transform your fleet

Now that we’re tracking the life expectancy of our oil, we’ve extended the oil change on a lot of our vehicles to eight or 10,000 miles (from the industry standard of 3,000).
Rich Poppoff, Equipment Superintendent

More for fleet managers

Whatever you need, whatever your industry and whatever size your fleet is (both now and in the future) our range of software solutions can support all your fleet management needs, from route optimisation, navigation, dispatch to driver coaching, compliance and mobile forms.

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Fleet management And more

Better business.
Better results.

Reduced fleet expenses

Software that helps reduce fleet expenses makes fleets more profitable. Minimise fuel spend, reduce miles, lower labor costs, improve asset utilisation and more.

Happy customers

Use smart technology to help improve response times, accommodate special requests, offer flexible delivery schedules or deal pro-actively with disruptions.

Safety & security

Monitor vehicles and equipment for unsafe behavior as part of your fleet safety program. Provide mobile workers with the tools they need to keep themselves and others safe.

Flexible hardware

We work with the telematics hardware that best suits you. Whether built-in or aftermarket install, mobile device or BYOD, we offer flexibility and deployment support.

Better productivity

Getting more done is about improving asset utilisation, effectively organising mobile workers, reducing time spent on compliance and eliminating paperwork. Let’s start today.

Fuel efficiency

Help reduce company fuel costs and improve fleet fuel efficiency by identifying unnecessary idling, speeding, aggressive driving, and poor route planning.