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Get the most from your government fleet.

Get the most from your government fleet.

Drive leaner and greener

Find efficiencies fast

Cut costs across your agency fleet, while meeting size and vehicle utilization mandates, with powerful GPS fleet tracking, reporting and alert capabilities from Verizon Connect. Our 3D mapping technologies help supervisors and drivers manage busy workloads and optimize routing.

Clear a path to a cleaner fleet

Verizon Connect software offers accurate and intuitive reporting tools designed to help government fleet operators monitor and reduce greenhouse gas production. Meet and beat your emissions targets more easily with clear and immediate access to vehicle usage data. Correct problem behaviors like speeding, unnecessary idling and unauthorized use, and prepare to see your emissions scores improve.

Save hours and dollars

Streamline vehicle maintenance, utilization and accounting

Create proactive maintenance plans for your government fleet and watch the benefits boost your bottom line. Our data-rich diagnostic reports help you reduce repair costs, eliminate downtime, enhance service and improve safety. With comprehensive asset tracking, you see when, where and how your vehicles are being used and make more informed decisions to “right-size” your fleet-buying, redeploying and selling as needed. And our solutions work seamlessly with your back-office systems to automate maintenance and accelerate accounting.

Respond immediately to real situations

Coordinate emergencies with confidence

Upgrade your disaster and emergency response effort with on-the-go intelligence from Verizon Connect. Take advantage of the most current satellite imagery available to track developments as they unfold and distribute resources in the most efficient manner. Real-time weather and GIS data provide critical information in crisis management situations.

Secure your assets

Keep tight control of high-value equipment

Monitor your most important on-site equipment-such as trailers, generators, heavy machines and containers—around the clock with GPS asset tracking technology. Locate specific items, prevent theft, speed recovery time and avoid insurance premium hikes. Long after your crews leave a site, you’ll know where your equipment is and where it’s headed.

Protect your officers

Help reduce accidents and injuries

Safeguard the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our communities with police fleet management software from Verizon Connect. Help reduce the frequency and severity of police car crashes—one of the leading causes of officer fatalities*—with intuitive tools that monitor, manage and measure safe driving.

  • Safe driving tools
  • Fleet utilization reporting
  • High-level data security
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts
  • High-level fleet visibility

*Source: NLEOMF

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See it all

Track your entire fleet on a single screen, thanks to our flexible hardware options, exclusive OEM partnerships and AEMP compatibility.

Boost ROI

Get total visibility into your vehicle and equipment usage, so you can redeploy, relocate or realize unused and underutilized assets.

Improve maintenance

Plan maintenance more precisely and avoid unnecessary servicing with automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostic data.

Reduce wear

Check advanced diagnostic sensors to detect vehicle misuse, such as excessive engine loads, and extend equipment life.

Increase utilization

Track your assets to see exactly how they're being used and make informed decisions about when to buy, redeploy or sell.

Proactive maintenance schedules

Track vehicle maintenance and alert your service department or local dealer ahead of time to help improve scheduling and reduce costs.

Promote safer driving habits

Encourage a culture of safety, from basic HOS compliance to proper vehicle maintenance, with automated alerts and near real-time coaching.

Access historical data

Replay routes to understand the sequence of driving events and assist with internal investigations for damage claims and accidents.

Issue alerts

Correct unsafe and inefficient behaviors with instant driver notifications. Set precise triggers for the alerts and control who receives them.

Customize forms

Build and personalize digital forms, such as DVIR and work orders, directly from your mobile device, replacing less efficient paper.

Use your device

Run our software on most popular smartphones and tablets, minimizing new hardware costs and making things easy on your workers.

Display data simply

Access vast amounts of useful information from a clear enterprise dashboard. Configure your data by industry and operational KPIs.

Monitor idling

Minimize unnecessary idling among your fleet vehicles to reduce expensive fuel costs and avoid penalties in some states.