Manage your agriculture fleet from miles away

Manage your agriculture fleet from miles away

Get valuable insights from GPS tracking technology for your agricultural and farming fleet equipment in near real-time —even in remote locations.

Get the data you need when you need it

Verizon Connect helps with agricultural GPS fleet tracking by providing insightful telematics data from your vehicles and assets to help increase efficiency, reduce costs and monitor your workforce.

Key benefits

  • See vehicle locations on a live map
  • Use geofences and GPS tracking solutions to monitor asset movements
  • Secure your valuable equipment after hours

Locate your farming equipment in remote areas

Asset tracking

Locate your farming equipment in remote areas

Fleet tracking technology and GPS tracking devices give you peace of mind knowing that day or night, you can quickly find your valuable agricultural assets. Our fleet management systems are backed by Verizon, the most reliable network in the country.1

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Help your workers be more efficient

Asset utilization

Help your workers be more efficient

Easily locate and navigate to farm equipment, like tractors, trailers and sprayers, to help keep your workers productive. Monitor engine hours, idle time and vehicle pathing to get more out of your daily operations.

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Monitor locations to see fleet activity

Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual perimeter so you can better understand how long it takes workers to complete a job. Get insight into vehicles and assets, including:

  • How long they were in a geofenced area
  • What time they arrived and left a specific area
  • How long they were moving
  • How long they were idling
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Help protect assets—day and night


Help protect assets—day and night

Fleet managers can easily monitor valuable farm assets after hours. These alerts enable you to react quickly to help recover stolen or misused vehicles and equipment.

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Fuel management

Find ways to save on fuel

Gain valuable insights using real fuel data from your entire fleet. Run customized reports to find ways to help improve fuel efficiency and take advantage of our fuel card integrations.

Easily track your goods


Easily track your goods

See your over-the-road trucks on a live map to track your valuable cargo from the moment it leaves your agricultural site. You can even monitor your fleet on the go with our user-friendly mobile apps.

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Monitor what happens out on the road

Get harsh driving alerts to help coach your crew on safe driving behaviors, improve fuel consumption and promote safety when hauling farming goods and livestock across the United States. Use HD video dashcams to review unsafe driving events.

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Case study

See how Witmer’s Feed and Grain improves fleet productivity and asset utilization.

We decided on Verizon Connect because of the overall system. Everything is in one place, and they're an easy company to work with.

John Kastelic
Vice President/General Manager