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The benefits of mobile workforce management (MWM) solutions

By Verizon Connect December 23, 2021

Mobile devices, secure wireless networks, software-as-a-service, mobile apps, cloud solutions and other mobile workforce management (MWM) hardware and software solutions are revolutionizing how organizations manage remote employees in the field. Navigating the future of mobile fleet performance requires preparedness matched with the right technology solutions. 

Let’s explore how streamlining and improving mobile fleet management is more important than ever for field service companies and managers.

What is mobile workforce management (MWM)?

MWM encompasses the growing number of software solutions and hardware devices being used to manage employees who work in the field. Integrated technology such as GPS fleet tracking solutions have become an integral mobile tool for managers of fleets of all sizes by providing access to near real-time job scheduling, insight into mobile employee location and availability, as well as asset tracking.

Modern mobile workforce management trends

Depending on the industry, businesses can spend anywhere from 40% to 80% of gross revenue on employee benefits and salaries. In fact, salaries alone constitute 18% to 52% of an average operating budget1.

To help improve and streamline operations across many organizations, the adoption of GPS fleet technology is steadily on the rise. For the second year in a row, more than 70% of respondents said they are leveraging fleet tracking technology to better manage their operations, signaling the effectiveness of their solutions and their ongoing commitment to technology2. Fleets that fail to keep pace with the industry will face the risk of lagging behind in a competitive industry with slim margins and rising costs. Now is the time to invest in proven technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Download the How integrated APIs can benefit your fleet eBrief to take a closer look at how API integration creates value for your fleet and expands your options for sharing data across your business.

Mobile workforce management best practices

Regardless of fleet size, mobile-dependent organizations share common struggles — the need to control costs, remain productive, improve resource allocation and streamline overall business management. Investment in MWM can provide a competitive advantage and positively impact a company’s bottom line by helping to identify gaps in mobile operations.  

When looking to integrate a cutting-edge MWM solution into your business operations, consider these best practices for technology adoption:

  • A top-down approach: Leadership needs to have active involvement in the MWM process and execution.
  • Choose a fleet champion: A dedicated project manager to implement MWM as a corporate-wide policy will make for a smoother process and implementation.
  • Training that makes a difference: Develop a thorough training program that includes plans for when your workforce has turnover or new hires.  
  • Working together to overcome challenges: Some of your workforce may resist change and object to new policies. Your internal champion and thorough training process can help overcome these objections to encourage your team to move forward.
  • Focusing on the benefits: Emphasize that MWM solutions are designed to benefit field workers, not serve solely as enforcement tools.

MWM solutions aren’t only a win-win for business leaders and customers, but can also boost employee morale. Rather than burn out the workforce by turning the productivity dial to the max, a higher level of transparency and engagement (with incentives or rewards to help encourage compliance) has also been shown to increase employee satisfaction.

What to look for in a mobile workforce management solution

Fleet managers and owners can choose from innovative MWM solutions designed to increase transparency for mobile workers while helping to positively impact the bottom line. There are three important steps to choosing an MWM solution that will be the right fit for your organization:

  • Identify your company’s goals and objectives
  • Do the research to find out the options available in MWM systems
  • Choose an experienced service provider able to meet your needs efficiently and cost-effectively

Popular solutions include:

  • Integrated GPS fleet tracking: Take the guesswork out of knowing what’s happening in the field. GPS tracking provides a full view of your fleet’s daily operations.
  • Field service management software: Simplify job scheduling and make work order management more efficient. This tool also enables fleet managers to take quotes, invoices, schedules and more into the cloud instantly.
  • Driver management software: Give fleet managers the power to measure driver performance and coaching tools to help them improve. Alerting drivers to risky or aggressive driving behaviors in near real time helps improve their driving skills and safety records.

Success snapshots: Mobile workforce management in action

Poolsure sees revenue growth with a modern solution.

Poolsure is a pool-water management company that services the entire Gulf Coast. They struggled with knowing how many trucks and field technicians to add when entering new markets. After adopting fleet management technology, they were able to determine correct resource allocation, resulting in top-line revenue growth of 20%-25% and a 50% increase in EBITDA. 

“We physically added about 9,000 gallons of daily capacity, but increased business by more than 11,000 gallons each day," said Alan Falik, President, Poolsure.

Witmer’s Feed and Grain greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Witmer’s Feed and Grain is an Ohio-based feed supplier that delivers feed throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. They needed a more efficient way to keep feed flowing from storage bins into waiting delivery trucks. 

After rolling out fleet management technology, they realized significant operational improvements. Staff could get status updates of truck locations and their estimated arrival times at the feed mill, and dispatchers could locate the closest truck when a customer requested a backhaul of grain from their farm to the mill. In the end, productivity and customer satisfaction greatly improved.

Choosing the right mobile solution for your fleet

As businesses look to increase spending on technology and dive deeper into improving their day-to-day operations, MWM solutions are widely considered to be a top priority. Owners and operators should seek out fully integrated solutions that can make it easier to implement — and to quantify ROI.

Verizon Connect offers a comprehensive solution for mobile workforce management. Visit us at verizonconnect.com or call 866.844.2235 to schedule a free live demo.


1 Society for Human Resource Management

2 https://www.verizonconnect.com/resources/ebook/fleet-trends-report-2021/

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