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The benefits of mobile workforce management solutions

By Verizon Connect November 29, 2023

Constant and evolving innovation in mobile devices, networks, security and software solutions are revolutionizing how organizations manage employees in the field. These so-called mobile workforce management solutions are giving businesses unprecedented power around job scheduling, dispatch, route optimization and more.

Let’s explore how streamlining and improving mobile workforce management is more important than ever for field service companies and managers, and what to look for in a provider.

What is mobile workforce management?

Mobile workforce management encompasses the growing number of software and hardware solutions being used to manage employees who work in the field. These solutions offer near real-time information that can help your business optimize routes and job planning to boost efficiency, lower costs and improve productivity.

How mobile workforce management solutions help 

Workforce management solutions are especially helpful for companies that send drivers, technicians or other employees into the field by helping them improve and streamline operations. The benefits extend from the back office, to the driver, to the customer.

Back Office:

  • Plan and dispatch work more efficiently: A workforce management solution allows fleets to intelligently build plans and dispatch work based on a variety of criteria, including technician availability, location and skill set, vehicle capacities, traffic or customer requirements, as well as last-minute changes like driver delays or absences, vehicle breakdowns or changes to jobs. 
  • Create optimal routes and cut fuel costs: Route planning tools can help fleets find cost-effective routes (that match job needs with available equipment and workers) and reduce the number of miles driven every day.


  • Optimize drivers’/technicians' time and their jobs: Mobile apps allow drivers to quickly see upcoming jobs, get alerted to job changes or new jobs, easily communicate with dispatchers and the back office, and navigate to their location without hassle. The use of electronic forms makes it easy to complete jobs, take photos and capture signatures for proof of service and submit data to the back office -- reducing the risk of errors due to manual data entry. 


  • Improve customer satisfaction: A workforce management solution gives fleets the ability to act quickly and streamline interactions with customers. See job status and location, making it easier to accept last-minute jobs, respond to customer service questions, provide better ETAs, and manage unexpected demands or emergencies.

More organizations are recognizing the value that these solutions bring to the table. According to the 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report, 61% of fleets with field service management software reported improved operational efficiency, 57% reported improved scheduling and 54% saw improved communication with techs/drivers.1

Fleets that fail to keep pace with the industry will face the risk of lagging behind in a competitive industry with slim margins and rising costs. Now is the time to invest in proven technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Download the 6 benefits of workforce management software for enterprise fleets to take a deeper dive into how workforce management solutions can help reduce fuel costs by optimizing routes, and help improve customer satisfaction with intelligent planning, dispatching and strategic forecasting.

Success snapshots: Mobile workforce management in action

Poolsure sees revenue growth with a modern solution.

Poolsure, a pool water management company that services the entire Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida, has embraced technology - and reaped the rewards.

"We had no idea how many trucks to add, how many people, and it was scary whenever we entered a new market." "One of the things [Verizon Connect] has helped with is the efficiency with each unit. So fuel costs is an example. We're able to service our customers more efficiently, and less travel time to get the same job done." Alan Falik, President, Poolsure.

Witmer’s Feed and Grain greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Witmer’s Feed and Grain is an Ohio-based feed supplier that delivers feed throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. They needed a more efficient way to keep feed flowing from storage bins into waiting delivery trucks. 

After rolling out fleet management technology, they realized significant operational improvements. Staff could get status updates of truck locations and their estimated arrival times at the feed mill, and dispatchers could locate the closest truck when a customer requested a backhaul of grain from their farm to the mill. In the end, productivity and customer satisfaction greatly improved.

Choosing the right mobile solution for your fleet

As businesses look to increase spending on technology and dive deeper into improving their day-to-day operations, mobile workforce management solutions are widely considered to be a top priority. Owners and operators should seek out fully integrated solutions that can make it easier to implement — and to quantify ROI.


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