Route planning software

Route planning software

Powerful telematics-based route planning software helps to save valuable time. Explore how routing software can help with multi-stop route planning and dynamic routes for your fleet

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Smarter route planning software

Smarter route planning software

Route planning software can help you find cost-effective, optimal routes. Uncover new ways how route planning can reduce miles on the trips your field service and delivery drivers are taking every day.

Define your fleet's territories

Divide and conquer route planning. Use smart data analysis to generate territories that are best for your business.

Multi-stop route planning

Based on everything that’s important to your business, optimize route planning with multi-stop route planning functionality.

Be the optimal route planner

Adapt to last-minute route planning changes and help everyone meet their targets for a better workday.

Optimize appointments

Create cost-effective appointments and scheduling with routing software that matches job needs with available equipment and workers.

Territories customized to your business, resources and customers

Territories customized to your business, resources and customers

Your field of operation covers a huge area. You have a lot of customers, a lot of workers and a lot of work locations. You need to create logical territories that are customized to your business, and take into account your available resources, route planning and the needs of your customers.

Utilize fleet routing software to help improve territory efficiency depending on your current sales volume including seasonal variations, customer preferences, employee workloads, vehicle attributes including capacity, driver availability, depot locations.

Case study

See how The Throne Depot benefits from using Verizon Connect for efficient route planning.

We get a lot of service calls throughout the day, so I can see where the drivers are exactly to see who's closest to get to that service.

Jessica Auger

Route planning assists in creating smarter more dynamic routes for faster results

The best route planning for your business will depend on a lot of different factors – where your customers are located, when they want you there and which driver or vehicle is needed to do the job.

Faster, accurate results

Our route planning software takes these factors into account to produce the best routes for your business – in half the time other route planning solutions do, with higher accuracy. This means you’ll be spending a lot less time manually tweaking the calculated routes.

RouteCloud algorithm

The route planning secret lies in our innovative RouteCloud algorithm that evaluates millions of route options, using powerful cloud-based computers, to quickly find the best multi-stop route for your drivers to get from one job to the next, no matter how complex your setup might be.

Real savings

Easily plan routes that align with the needs of your business to not only save miles and reduce travel time but also help boost productivity streamline dispatching, improve customer satisfaction and increase worker efficiency.

Trusted by fleets large and small including:

Fleet routing software that keeps to the plan

Fleet routing software that keeps to the plan

Fleet routing software accounts for the unpredictable nature of doing business in a constantly changing environment. Get a unique ‘day- ahead’ view that allows you to make last-minute changes such as driver absences, out-of-service vehicles and new or changed jobs.

  • View and edit routes for a specific day
  • Add new jobs to a specific route or edit existing jobs
  • Automatically assign an optimized job to a route
  • Plan a single route or selected set of routes

The web-based route planning dashboard uses near real-time tracking to show how your drivers are progressing, highlighting any deviations from the route plan so you can see what’s not working and why.

Route planning software for every fleet

Route planning software for every fleet

You may not have access to dedicated route planners, or the time to learn how. With our route planning software you don’t need to. Our routing software is designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, with a visual drag-and-drop interface that makes powerful route planning software accessible to even the busiest fleets.

Frequently asked questions about route planning

What is route planning?

Route planning software takes the hassle out of manually planning and coordinating the sequence of your daily jobs. The goal is for your drivers to be able to do more work with fewer resources, in fewer miles, using less fuel. Finding the best route planning software for your business can help you plan to dispatch the right vehicle and the right driver to the right job at the right time.

What is route optimization?

Robust route optimization software includes GPS tracking capabilities and advanced reporting features. This helps dispatchers limit unplanned stops, reduce mileage and last-mile delivery delays, and plan more fuel efficient routes.

Why is route planning important?

By utilizing route planning software, you can save on fuel costs, boost overall profits, and provide better ETAs and customer service. Multi-stop route planning can help you schedule your jobs in a logical order, so you can make more efficient use of your vehicles, assets and crew.

What are the benefits of route planning?

An advanced route planning software helps you plan, analyze, create and deliver profitable route strategies for your mobile workforce. You can reduce the total number of routes and miles driven, which saves on fuel costs, reduces wear and tear on your vehicles and helps prevent unnecessary overtime. Automated routing software can quickly assign new jobs where they make the most sense, helping to save your dispatchers time and improve utilization.

With fleet routing sofrware you can also adapt to last minute changes, resequence routes and provide better ETAs. Faster communication can help improve safety on the road, increase the productivity of your delivery operations and give your customers a better experience by helping you provide better time windows and ETAs.

How does route planning with Verizon Connect work?

Verizon Connect uses the RouteCloud application programming interface (API) to determine the most efficient sequence of truck route planning. With access to massive cloud-computing power, advanced logic and historical patterns, our route planning software analyzes the different route sequences, taking into account the job data and variables you enter (e.g. capacity, equipment, certifications and more). The fleet routing software then given options for an efficient sequence for your routes.

Does Verizon Connect software allow for multi-stop route planning?

Yes. Our route planning software will help optimize your selected jobs by reordering the stops (except for the start and end points) to create the fewest, densest and lowest-cost routes possible. You can also set a limit on the number of routes to get your jobs done efficiently. Our truck routing software can help you get the right vehicle and the right technician to the right job.

Does Verizon Connect route planning software provide directions to each stop?

No. If you need directions, the Verizon Connect Navigation mobile app provides truck-legal, turn-by-turn directions that consider weight, size, load, traffic, closed roads and more for your drivers. Verizon Connect fleet management solutions do more than simply give you directions from point A to point B based on current conditions, like Google Maps.

What features make Verizon Connect route planning software right for my company?

Our innovative route planning software was created with commercial, industry standard truck route planning in mind.

Start your day by checking alternative routes using “what if” modeling without altering current plans. Our solution recommends the best sequence of stops for your jobs, based on the dozens of variables you can enter and historical traffic patterns. It even includes time windows for when your vehicles will be at customer locations, and provides estimated distances, durations and costs. You can also receive near real-time alerts on your computer or mobile device (Android and Apple iOS) and respond quickly if problems arise throughout the day.

Features of route planning software

Faster Routes

Routing software is more than 50% faster than traditional route planning tools. Evaluate more options in less time to find the very best routes.

Accurate Results

Our automated route planning software is more accurate than other route planning solutions, which means less time spent fine-tuning the results.

Precise Job Costing

Factor in all associated costs when route planning – fixed and per-mile, labor, overtime, even accommodation for overnight trips.

Emergency Dispatch

When something comes up suddenly you need fleet routing software to know right away which driver to dispatch based on who’s the closest, and who has the right skills and the right vehicle.

Route Plan vs. Actual

Know how drivers are performing with visual plan vs. actual Gantt charts for each mobile worker. Quickly identify areas where the route planning needs fine-tuning or drivers need to be coached.

Reliable ETAs

Deliver amazing customer service that drives new business through loyalty and referrals with monitored ETAs in real time. Offer cost-effective ETAs and tight time windows.

Powerful route planning optimization

Our heuristic algorithms can quickly calculate the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average mileage by 10%. Source: The Route Planning Software category also includes a Usability index, for which Verizon Connect took top honors with a score of 8.76. In terms of usability, 88% rate it easy to use.

Dynamic route software

Don’t let last-minute changes – cancelled orders, sick drivers or new jobs – derail your optimized route planning with dynamic routing that accommodates disruptions.

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