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Video telematics delivers measurable benefits

By Verizon Connect January 26, 2022

At a time when supply chain issues and workforce shortages abound, fleet-dependent organizations across a variety of industries must protect drivers and the business against unnecessary costs and potential safety issues.

Integrated video telematics technology can help. According to the Verizon Connect 2022 Fleet Technology Trends Report, 78% of those in the transportation industry and 75% of those in the services industry find video telematics to be very or extremely beneficial. Some of the greatest benefits fleets can realize from integrated video telematics adoption include a reduction in accidents and in false claims, which in turn can lead to increased driver safety and reduced insurance costs.

Let’s explore these benefits in greater detail.

Improved driver safety

Overall, 79% of surveyed video telematics users saw improvements in driver safety. Here’s the breakdown of user percentages by industry:1

  • 76% of transportation fleets
  • 75% of service fleets
  • 69% of government fleets
  • 67% of construction fleets

Modern video telematics uses AI technology to give fleet managers more visibility into what happens inside and outside the vehicle. It also enables fleet managers to analyze the data gleaned from the video footage, as well as receive alerts that prioritize viewing of incidents categorized as unsafe.  

Visual information provides a factual account of unsafe driving behaviors (tailgating, stop sign violations, near-misses, distracted driving, speeding, etc.) to give both managers and drivers a better sense of what needs improvement. This allows managers to:

  • Tailor coachable moments based on each driver’s needs
  • Reinforce safe-driving policies as part of accident-reduction efforts
  • Instantly reward drivers (as part of an incentive program) for demonstrating safe driving habits

Reduced costs

More than two-thirds of video telematics users have used the technology to protect themselves from false claims.1 Seventy percent of transportation fleets, 83% of construction fleets, and 83% of government fleets saw improved protection from false claims after video telematics implementation1

In addition, 38% of telematics users across all industries saw reduced accident costs, and 44% saw reduced insurance costs.1

False claims and accidents can have a negative impact on an organization’s bottom line. Video telematics can help fleets reduce the likelihood of crashes in the first place, reducing accident-related costs as a result. And, if a crash does happen, a recording of the incident can be used as evidence to reduce false claims and help keep insurance premiums from skyrocketing. Video footage helps to show the full, unbiased context of driving events, such as driver behavior, weather conditions, vehicle positions and how an incident unfolded. 

Safety and accountability: CMC Logistics and video telematics

CMC Logistics, a transportation fleet that delivers goods throughout the southeastern United States, realized a number of benefits from implementing a video telematics solution. With video footage available in near real time, they can download and review accident footage quickly and easily to help deflect false claims. 

Video telematics also helps CMC Logistics see what is happening on the road and coach their crew on safe driving behaviors. In addition, the company uses video telematics to show drivers that when an accident occurs, the business will be looking out for them. 

“The more times we’re able to have their back and have proof that they truly were not at fault, all the drivers will get to the point where they want these things in their trucks.” – Patty James, Compliance Manager, CMC Logistics

 What to look for in video telematics

 For fleets considering an investment in video telematics, be sure to look for the following features:

  • Dual footage view: Dual view of driver-facing and road-facing video via desktop or mobile app.
  • Streamlined video download: Ability to download and share footage as an MP4 file.
  • Near-immediate notice: Notifications to view a video within minutes of when an incident occurs.

For more information on how video telematics can help your fleet, download our free eBook How smart video fuels smart business or schedule a demo today at verizonconnect.com

1.Verizon Connect 2022 Fleet Technology Trends Report

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