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Five Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs

With fluctuating fuel prices, the need for businesses to stay competitive while keeping operating costs down remains a point of focus. Since fuel is the largest operating expenses for a fleet, efficient fuel utilization can be essential to help reduce costs for businesses. Download this eBook to learn how you can:

  • Reducing excessive speeding
  • Identifying and managing idling time
  • Monitoring vehicle maintenance
  • Improving navigation and delivery schedules

What's inside this eBook?

Identify and manage excessive idling

In the same way speeds can be monitored, fleet management solutions identify where excessive idling is an issue and allow operations leads to set rules to bring it under control.

Better maintenance equals lower fuel costs

Proper maintenance is also important in the fuel economy equation.  To ensure vehicles are operating optimally at all times, it can help to identify the precise best time to perform maintenance.

Improve navigation & delivery schedules

The most expensive mile you’ll ever drive is the one you didn’t need to.  Implementing an integrated fleet management solution can provide the tools needed to optimize mileage and dramatically cut out-of-route miles.

Fuel slippage

Unfortunately, as the price of oil increases, there is an increasingchance that your fleet could be at risk from fuel theft. Fuel theft and unauthorized fuel purchases could be hurting your business more than you realize.

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