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Meeting the Needs of Construction Fleets

Comprehensive fleet management software can help construction businesses improve utilization and improve business outcomes. This free eBook explains exactly how fleet tracking is equipped to address the unique needs of construction fleets.

Some areas covered include:

  • Making effective use of your vehicles and high-value equipment
  • Using maintenance scheduling to improve uptime
  • Tracking job history to set performance benchmarks
  • Improving the security of construction assets

What's inside this eBook?

What unique challenges do construction fleet managers face?

Find out how constructions fleets are different, and how to use telematics to meet these needs.

Why is it so important to track off-road fuel consumption?

Read how can it be done easily, accurately and in a way that improves overall fleet profitability.

Working with contractors

If you need to coordinate with third party contractors, how can you use telematics to do this efficiently?

Improving on-site security

Learn how fleet management software is helping reduce the negative impact of construction site theft.