How GPS equipment tracking helps the construction industry

Realise the full potential of your construction fleet.

Realise the full potential of your construction fleet.

Less equipment downtime, more bottom line

It’s time to turn down the construction equipment downtime.

Whether it’s lost, stolen, misused or underutilised assets, our GPS equipment tracking systems can help you stay productive no matter what challenges you face on the construction site.

Minimising downtime also means minimising accidents on the job or when traveling between jobs. Our software can help you monitor and manage unsafe behaviour including dangerous operation, equipment inspections and on-site supervision.

Keep drivers safer, keep heavy equipment secure

Help prevent accidents — on and off the road.

Construction vehicles can be big, heavy and costly. Bad habits such as excessive speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking not only puts your drivers at risk, but other road users too. Monitor these metrics with GPS tracking and coach on better driver practices to keep you drivers, your vehicles and your reputation safer.

And with costly equipment comes increased chances of theft. Set alerts to inform you as soon as a vehicle is started at an unauthorised time or driven in a restricted location. And if your assets do go missing, recover them quickly through the GPS location.

Know your costs. Bid smarter.

Accurate cost reporting keeps you on track.

With equipment location and usage tracking, you’ll have better clarity on job costs and how profitable your team is. It also helps when bidding on new projects when you know all the expenses involved.

If you rent equipment, such as crane hire, you can verify location and engine hours, to help with accurate billing.

When you can report on job costs more accurately, you can start finding ways to be more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

Don’t waste time wasting time

As well as allowing construction managers to optimise routes, GPS tracking can boost efficiency by automating time-consuming site admin. As site arrival and departure time is logged automatically, GPS tracking eliminates the need for manual job tickets and timesheets – resulting in more accurate billing and stress-free payroll.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of GPS to the construction industry is in its ability to make the complex simple. GPS tracking takes the headache out of a host of processes – such as logistics, payroll, maintenance, job pricing and more – to give construction managers greater control and greater peace of mind.

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Every asset. One login.

Our exclusive OEM partnerships, AEMP compatibility and flexible hardware options means you can have all your fleet assets tracked on a single screen.

Reduced fuel costs

Monitor and reduce fuel waste by cutting down on idling, harsh driving, unauthorised vehicle use and inefficient routing.

Improved asset ROI

Better visibility into where and how often your vehicles, trucks and equipment are being used. Redeploy, relocate, or realise unused or underused assets.

Theft protection

Constructions sites are regular targets for thieves. Active GPS tracking can trigger instant alerts, while improving asset recovery.

Accurate maintenance

Automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostics improves the accuracy of your maintenance schedule, while preventing unnecessary servicing.

Unauthorised use

Monitor vehicles and equipment (including non-powered) around-the-clock for unauthorised use to cut down on unchargeable time or side jobs.

Capacity planning

Monitor payload capacity to make sure all your trucks are being fully utilised. Minimise unnecessary trips while staying within legal limits.

Accurate billing & contract bidding

With verified GPS data, see exactly how much time is spent on a job, both equipment and personnel. Use accurate data to bid on new work more profitably.

Productive teamwork

Safety and productivity increase when a supervisor is on-site, and with group tracking you can easily report on how your crews are being managed.

Reduce wear & tear

Use advanced diagnostic sensors to monitor usage, such as excessive engine load, that can shorten the life of your equipment.

Protect against false claims

Defend your team against false liability claims by verifying their location, safe driving or vehicle movement with accurate GPS data.