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What Fleet Managers (Really) Do

No matter the number and variety of vans and trucks your business owns, someone manages your fleet of vehicles and your drivers. You might have a dedicated Fleet Manager role, or you might do the job yourself. Either way, this role is critical to your business outcomes, like profit and customer satisfaction.

In this eBook, we take a deep dive into:

  • The fleet manager’s daily job duties and skills needed
  • How they manage relationships with your other employees
  • How fleet management technology can help them succeed and improve your business

What's inside this eBook?

What does a fleet manager do?

Learn their general responsibilities and what makes a great fleet manager succeed.

How they work with others

A fleet manager works with everyone else in your company. This is how they interact with drivers, dispatchers and mechanics.

Read about a day in the life

Get an idea of what a fleet manager does all day, including a list of typical tasks and duties.

The technology needed to thrive

Learn what technology can help your fleet manager improve your business outcomes.