Glen Ross

Waste recycling company reduces fuel bills $5,000

Irish waste recycling firm Wilton Waste Recycling implemented GPS vehicle tracking from Verizon Connect. Having had the GPS fleets tracking system in place for only five months, the company is already experiencing significant benefits – both in terms of improved job efficiency and a reduction in fuel costs.

Wilton Waste Recycling, established in 2003 by Rodney Wilton, is headquartered in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan. The firm provides waste management services for the commercial, domestic and construction/demolition sectors. Glen Ross, Transport Manager, states the reasons why the company chose Verizon Connect: “Our motives for choosing the Verizon Connect GPS fleet tracking system were two-fold – to reduce our ever rising fuel bills and get better use and visibility of our fleet.”

One huge benefit the waste recycling firm has experienced since implementing the Verizon Connect GPS system has been a significant decrease in fuel consumption. Mr. Ross estimates: “We’ve been using Verizon Connect for almost five months now, and have already reduced our diesel consumption by 4.5% in two months equalling to $5,000- this is a significant cost saving, and we hope this will continue to improve in the coming months.”

A further advantage the company is experiencing since installing Verizon Connect is the improved visibility of its fleet. “Prior to installing the Verizon Connect system, when a job came in I would have to call the driver to find out their location and trust them to give me accurate information,” explains Mr. Ross. “The Verizon Connect system offers the right tools to give us the accurate and up-to-date information we need at our fingertips and is helping us to run the business a lot more smoothly and efficiently. With Verizon Connect 'Live Fleet,' for example, I can immediately see where a driver is located and assign the closest job to them.”

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Mr. Ross has also set up automated alerts whenever there are occurrences of excessive idling, harsh breaking or fast acceleration. “I have these alerts sent directly to my mobile phone,” says Mr. Ross. “As soon as I receive the reports from my alerts, I am able to call the drivers straight away and advise them to correct their bad habits. The Verizon Connect mobile app enables me to have access to all of the fleet information, whenever and wherever I am.”

In the next few months, the waste recycling firm will be introducing a bonus scheme to their drivers, based on the Verizon Connect ‘Driving Style’ feedback. Mr. Ross explains: “The improved driving style of our drivers has already had a positive impact within the fleet and helped us save fuel; I feel that our fuel consumption can be cut further, however, as there is still room for improvement for some drivers. Thanks to Verizon Connect, we are able to implement the driver bonus scheme simply by displaying the driving style dashboards of each driver.”

The overall benefits that Wilton Waste Recycling has experienced since installing the Verizon Connect GPS system have far exceeded the expectations of the company.  Mr. Ross summarises: “We’ve saved $5,000 on fuel in the past two months, just by reducing idling time and improving driving style, we’ve also increased job productivity. Overall, since installing and using the Verizon Connect system we are managing our fleet more efficiently and effectively, which is good for business and also for the bottom line.”

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