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How a K-12 School District Finds Immediate Fuel Savings with Verizon Connect

This is a very useful tool for consumption of gasoline, for performance and for the location of vehicles.
Director of Operations

Serving more than 10,000 students, one Northeast school district knew increasing visibility was important for finding new ways to cut costs. Fleet management software from Verizon Connect helped them reduce fuel expenses significantly while improving safety on the road.

The Challenge: Staying under budget and improving public perception

Though they have to cover a large geographical area, the school district only has 40 vans and trucks, so each vehicle must log a lot of miles for food service, facility maintenance and field trips. As with most public school districts, budgets are tight, and staff to oversee operations is minimal—so fuel consumption is important. In addition, the district received calls about school vehicles speeding, so the Director of Operations wanted to improve safety and the public’s perception of the District.

"My biggest problem was gasoline consumption. We were going through a ton of gas.”

- Director of Operations

The Solution: Better visibility to help save money and increase safety

The school district installed Verizon Connect fleet tracking on all their vehicles and immediately began using several features to address fuel economy and unsafe driving behaviors.

They set up virtual geofences around the district, indicating the locations of gas stations, stores, restaurants and other landmarks where vehicles often traveled. Reports help them identify unnecessary trips causing excessive fuel use.

Idling reports
The school district began checking idling time reports twice per day and set up alerts whenever a vehicle idled for longer than five minutes. This information helps them coach drivers to cut down extended breaks and reduce emissions.

Speeding alerts
They set up speeding alerts to notify the Director of Operations whenever a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit, so they can coach specific drivers on safer driving behaviors.

Maintenance reports
Verizon Connect issues automated alerts when vehicles are due for oil changes and inspections, streamlining vehicle upkeep.

At the same time, the Director of Operations engaged school district employees and their union in a conversation about the new technology. They explained why saving gasoline is important for keeping the district’s expenses under control and how vehicles idling outside the school can endanger student health by contaminating the air they breathe.

The Results: Annual savings of $600,000

The Director of Operations said that the school district saw significant, immediate fuel savings after implementing fleet management software from Verizon Connect: “Now I’m right on budget. I’m using the money I’m supposed to use.” They estimate a 30% reduction in fuel expenses, saving about 
$600,000 annually.

By gaining visibility into driver activity, the Director of Operations was able to initiate safer, fuel-saving changes in their behavior: “I know where they are. Now they know I’m looking. They changed the way they were doing things.” 

With employees agreeing to cooperate with safer, more  fuel-efficient practices, the union has begun working with the school district to develop policies to generate even greater savings.

"The union is on board and working  with us. Productivity has gone up. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

- Director of Operations

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